This Article is From Jul 06, 2018

Snacking For Weight Loss:9 Golden Snacking Rules That May Help Shed Kilos

Snacking is an essential part of a healthy weight loss regime. Here are some tips to ensure you snack healthy

Snacking For Weight Loss:9 Golden Snacking Rules That May Help Shed Kilos

Think weight loss, and few of the first things that occur to you are all the endless changes you would have to make to your meal, and the number of meals that you would cut down on. When it comes to weight loss, it seems that we have accumulated more myths than facts. And it is high time we are able to tell one from other. No sustainable weight loss plan requires you to starve yourself, at the same time not all weight loss tips need to be boring as well. Snacking is an essential part of a healthy weight loss regime. In fact many nutritionists across the world suggest breaking your big meals into several small meals, and include healthy snacks in between. This helps you feel full for long and increases your metabolism too. Before you take this as a license to sneak in all your favourite snacks as part of your diet plan, here are some snacking rules you must know for effective weight loss. 

Snacking for weight loss? Here Are Some Tips To Ensure

1. Mid-meal snacking: Healthy snacking is very essential for effective weight loss. Nuts, seeds, corns and sprouts are some healthy picks you can opt for. This keeps you fuelled and satiated.

2. Ditch Heavy Evening Snacks: Heavy samosas and fattening patties in the evenings  are okay occasionally, but not everyday. Look out for something light like roasted makhanas and sweetcorn.

3. Don't surround yourself with food or ready to eat snacks: Don't be in the reach of a lot of tempting, heavy and greasy snacks.The more food in front of you, the more you'll eat or want to eat. 

4. Carry your water bottle, drink through the day: Drink as much water as possible. Drink it instead of coffee, soda this would help you be satiated through the day and save calories.

5. Office Nibbles: Don't go for the chips and namkeens you find at the chaiwala next to your building. Instead, opt for healthy nibbles like almonds, flaxseeds, walnuts and fruits. Make a healthy trail-mix of the same and keep it on your table.

6. Keep Sipping Into Healthy Beverages: Fill your water bottles with healthy and fat-burning ajwain water, zeera water or cinnamon water. Keep sipping into it, through the day.

7. Look For Sugar Alternatives: Too much of sugar go on store themselves as fat cells. Opt for natural sugar alternatives like jaggery, maple syrup or coconut sugar, use them in your drinks and snacks. Avoid artificial sweeteners too.

8. Make Your Own Healthy Vegetable Juices and Protein Shakes: Why rely on market-based juices. Homemade karela juice, tomato juice, bottle gourd juice helps toning the belly. You can also prepare protein shakes at home with the help of these delicious recipes. 

9. Never set out on an empty stomach for a party:  If you reach a party famished its likely you will eat anything and everything that comes your way. Grab a fruit or a healthy snack before you head off.Avoid deep-fried snacks and go for healthier option. Go for tikkas, and steamed dumplings over fried aloo tikki and buttery pav bhaji.

Follow these tips and snack healthy.