Smart Weight Loss Hacks: Eat Your Heart Out With 6 Simple Tips

We got you some expert tips explaining how you can eat your favourite delicacies, without gaining weight. Read on for details.

Smart Weight Loss Hacks: Eat Your Heart Out With 6 Simple Tips

Eat mindfully and enjoy your favourites stress free, states expert (Photo Credit: iStock)

Imagine eating everything and still not gaining a pound! Sounds like an ideal world, isn't it? We love indulging in decadent delicacies, but regrettably, most of the time we skip our favourites dreading the unwanted weight gain. The situation gets worse on a weekend or when during a vacation. After all, no one likes keeping a check on their meals during these times! What if we say we have found a solution for this universal problem? You read that right! We recently came across some smart tips, explaining how you can manage your weight while eating anything you want during the weekends or on a holiday. These tips have been shared by nutritionist and weight loss expert Simrun Chopra. Let's take you through.

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Weight Loss Tips: Here're 6 Simple Tips To Follow Even When You Are On A Break:

1. Exercise regularly:

It is always said that how many calories you can consume depends on how much energy you burn in a day. Simrun Chopra suggests working out for at least 30 minutes even on a vacation or during the weekends. This will help lose the stored fat and prepare your body for the next meal.

2. Count your steps:

We understand, there are days when you just don't feel like putting on your gym clothes. There's nothing to worry about! All you need to do is, count the steps you are covering throughout the day. Ideally, one should aim for over 15,000 steps a day, says the expert, adding, "Since you will be eating more, you need to burn more." Sharing her personal regime, Simrun Chopra explains, "I aim for 20,000 as that's about 1000 calories burnt."

3. Eat when you are hungry:

It is okay to skip meals at times, provided you compensate well. Explaining the theory, the expert states, "If you eat a buffet breakfast, you won't be hungry for a mid-morning snack. In fact, most of the time, you won't be hungry during lunchtime. In that case, delay the lunch or have a fruit as a snack."

4. Bank calories:

It is important to be mindful of the calories you are consuming. Simrun Chopra states that it is not important to eat something, just because that is available. Instead, the better practice is to be mindful and understand what you want to eat. This way, you can avoid overthinking about calorie intake and enjoy your favourite food stress-free.

5. Limit certain foods:

We understand people like bingeing on fries and gulping glasses of mocktails and cocktails on a vacation or during the weekends. This is why, we never suggest anyone give up on it completely. Instead, all you can do is limit your intake. Echoing the thoughts, Simrun Chopra explains that for fried items, "try to limit it to one dish per day." And for the drinks, try to choose the low-calorie ones, she adds.

6. Hydration is the key:

This is something we grew up hearing. Water is the key to good health and hydration helps flush out toxins, further promoting healthy functioning of the body. Simrun Chopra weighs in, "Don't just skip this because you don't want to use the loo."

So what are you waiting for? Take a note of these simple tips and follow when you get an off from your everyday regime. Have a nice day!