Man's 'Hack' To Avoid Washing Dishes Draws Harsh Goenka's Attention, Internet Also Reacts

Harsh Goenka recently shared a video of a man's unique solution when "there is not enough water to wash dishes". Read to know how people reacted below.

Man's 'Hack' To Avoid Washing Dishes Draws Harsh Goenka's Attention, Internet Also Reacts

Harsh Goenka shared a video with a funny hack that has left X abuzz (Photo Credit: X/ hvgoenka)

Washing dishes is a common chore that many people don't enjoy. While some listen to music or podcasts to overcome the monotony, others come up with more creative solutions to deal with their dislike of this task. Recently, a video showing a man's unique 'hack' to avoid washing dishes caught the attention of Harsh Goenka. He took to X to share the clip and gave his own interpretation of the situation. He captioned the post, "When there is not enough water to wash your dishes".

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In the clip, we see a man open a small cooker to start to serve himself food. The next shot shows him thinking about washing the vessels later on. To avoid this fate, he covers his plate with a plastic packet and then puts the food on top. He is later observed eating his meal with a plastic-covered spoon and drinking from a plastic-covered mug. Once he is done, he removes the outer layers of the utensils and places them back on the rack. Watch the complete video below:

In the comments, Harsh Goenka clarified that the post was "not serious" and that it was "meant to be a joke". Nevertheless, X users had a lot to say about it.

Several people wondered aloud about the plastic waste generated by this method. Check out some of the reactions below:

Before this, Harsh Goenka had shared a video showing a miniature 'food train' at Maharaja Of Gwalior's Palace. The train is seen carrying certain food items under individual glass cloches. The letters of the Maharaja's name, Scindia, are visibly spelt out on the cloches. Click here to read the full story.

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