Japanese Self-Pouring Beer Machine Goes Viral, Fails To Win Over Beer Lovers

A viral video showing an automated beer dispensing machine in Japan has taken the internet by storm. Read to know how Instagram users reacted.

Japanese Self-Pouring Beer Machine Goes Viral, Fails To Win Over Beer Lovers

A viral video shows an innovative beer machine in Japan (Photo Credit: Instagram/ superscientific)

Innovative technology and smart tools are revolutionising the way we consume food and drink. Scientific advancements are changing our culinary experiences in a variety of ways. The aim is generally to make certain processes more convenient, cost-effective and time-saving. To this end, many inventions aim to provide completely automatic solutions that require little to no human intervention. One example currently taking the internet by storm is a self-pouring beer machine in Japan. A vlogger has shared an Instagram reel regarding the same, and it has crossed 19 million views so far.

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In the Instagram reel by @superscientific, the content creator shows us how the machine actually works. He first takes a chilled glass from a nearby refrigerator and places it on the machine's dedicated receptacle. Above it, there is a notice that reads, "Caution: The glass will tilt. Do not touch the glass until the beer is completely filled." The machine does exactly what it says. The glass is seen tilting at two angles as it fills with beer. Once it is around 80-90% filled, the machine tops it with a certain amount of foam. As per the caption, this machine can be found at an airport lounge in Narita. Watch the full reel below:

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The viral video has received a range of reactions online. It has caught the interest of many Instagram users, some of whom love the idea of such a machine. However, others are not completely convinced. They have especially criticised the foam addition.

Check out some of the reactions below:

"All beer lovers cry when they see this. NOT the proper way."

"The only reason this is a bad pour is cause the foam is added rather than created with the pour itself. Otherwise good. But it will never be a substitute for a proper human bartender."

"What's the point of tilting the glass when in the end it added the unwanted froth."

"It looks perfect and all, but it's like there's no connection. I prefer a man/woman pour the almost perfect beer for me instead."

"The German in me loves the over-engineering but hates the pour."

"This was what they meant when they said AI will destroy the world."

"That is amazing I want one!"

"But I enjoy the satisfaction of pouring my own."

What did you think of this viral video? Would you like to use such a machine? Let us know in the comments below.

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