Can Halwa Be Healthy?! 5 Smart Ways To Make Your Bowl Of Halwa Healthier

Do you feel instant regret after indulging in your favourite bowl of halwa? Here's how you can make it healthy and enjoy it guilt-free.

Can Halwa Be Healthy?! 5 Smart Ways To Make Your Bowl Of Halwa Healthier

Tips to make halwa healthier. (Image Credit: Istock)

There's something extremely satisfying about digging into a bowl of piping hot halwa. It defines comfort in the truest sense and feels like a warm hug. It has the power to elevate our mood in a matter of minutes, doesn't it? However, for some people, there's also a sense of guilt that follows right after indulging in one. As someone who has a sweet tooth herself, I can fully resonate with this feeling. There have been so many times when I've finished up a bowl of my favourite halwa only to feel guilty later on. We all know that halwa is high in calories and can easily derail your healthy diet. But hold on, what if we told you that you could make your halwa healthier? Yes, it's possible! You just need to be a little mindful of the ingredients, and you can transform that bowl of guilt into one of joy.
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Indian Cooking Tips: Here Are 5 Smart Ways To Make Your Halwa Healthier:

1. Opt for healthier grains

The type of grain you use to make your halwa makes all the difference. To make it nutritious, you must use grains such as whole wheat (atta), millet, oats, or any other. They have a high fibre content and make for a healthier alternative to refined flour. If you're making halwa with any pulse or vegetable, then you need not make any changes to the recipe.

2. Reduce the amount of sugar

Reducing the sugar in your halwa recipe may not sound like a great thing to do. After all, the sweetness of the halwa is the reason why we love it so much. The trick here is to be mindful of how much you add. To make it even healthier, consider using natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar, dates, or jaggery (gud). They'll help provide sweetness to your halwa, and you won't feel any guilt after consuming it.

3. Add more nuts

Nuts have the power to make any dish taste better, and your bowl of halwa is no exception. They will not only add more nutrition to it but also give it a richer flavour. And who doesn't want that? Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and cashew nuts - all these incorporate well into halwa and make it taste even more indulgent. So, the next time you make halwa at home, don't hesitate to add some extra.

4. Go easy on the ghee

Ghee by itself is not unhealthy, but consuming too much of it is not good for our health. Sadly, our favourite halwas are loaded with ghee. However, you can always control the quantity you add to your halwa. Avoid going overboard and add only as much as required. If you wish to eliminate ghee entirely, you can swap it with healthier fats such as coconut oil or olive oil.
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5. Use low-fat milk

Certain halwa recipes also include milk. Gajar ka halwa is a classic example of this. Now, we are not telling you to skip adding milk, as it will not give you the desired consistency. However, what you can do is swap full-fat milk with low-fat milk. This way, you'll be able to make your halwa equally rich and creamy, but with fewer calories. It's a small switch of ingredients, but it can make a huge difference when trying to make halwa healthy.

So, the next time you make halwa at home, keep these easy tips in mind and enjoy it guilt-free!