After Maggi Paratha And Milky Maggi, Making Of Maggi Burger Goes Viral

Among the latest Maggi-related experiments making waves online is a 'burger' in which the buns are replaced by Maggi. Find out more below.

After Maggi Paratha And Milky Maggi, Making Of Maggi Burger Goes Viral

A viral video shows a person making "Maggi Burger". (Photo: Instagram/ foodie_tshr)

Maggi is one of the most popular brands of instant noodles in India. The name is almost synonymous with a bowl of quick and comforting noodles. People love to experiment with Maggi by adding unusual ingredients and coming up with different flavour combinations of their own. Street food vendors and food vloggers also share this passion for Maggi experimentation. In the past, several types of bizarre Maggi recipes have taken the internet by storm. Now, another one called "Maggi Burger" has surfaced online and has caused quite a stir.

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In the Instagram reel, we see a person spreading small portions of cooked Maggi on a tawa. They arrange the noodles to form two distinct circles and top them with a little oil. After 'toasting' the noodle discs on both sides, they spread pizza sauce on one of them. This is followed by cucumber and tomato slices. Next comes the patty. Wondering what kind has been chosen? The person is seen adding an aloo tikki on top of the veggies. That's not all. Before placing the other piece of toasted Maggi on top (to close the 'burger'), some mayonnaise is also added. Watch the complete reel here:

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The reel has received more than 322K views so far. Many people did not approve of this fusion dish. The comment section had sarcastic remarks that underlined just how bizarre the preparation is. Read some of the reactions below.

"Bus yahi bacha tha." ["Only this was left."]

"Nothing wrong in this, bun and Maggie both contain maida only."

"Maggie ko Maggie hi rehne do plz. [Let Maggi remain Maggi only please."]

"Fried noodles, boiled, fried again and used as a bun for fried potatoes with mayonnaise and sugary ketchup. Wow!"

"Cooking ka matlab kuch bhi experiment karoge kya? [Does cooking mean you will do any sort of experiment?"]

"Sorry ...gross not my taste."

Before this, a viral video showing the preparation of Maggi Paratha grabbed many eyeballs online. In the reel, we see a paratha being stuffed with a mixture of Maggi, coriander, onion, masala and grated cheese. Check out the full story here.

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