'Milky Maggi' Takes Internet By Storm - Are You Brave Enough To Try It?

This unexpected twist on the classic instant noodle has sparked a heated debate on Instagram, with opinions ranging from sheer disgust to curious fascination.

'Milky Maggi' Takes Internet By Storm - Are You Brave Enough To Try It?

Maggi fans express their concern over the unconventional recipe. (Photo: Instagram/official_food_city)

When it comes to instant noodles, Maggi has long reigned as the undisputed favourite. Over the years, creative cooks have invented a range of innovative Maggi recipes to amplify its flavour, including variations like tadka Maggi, cheesy Maggi, and tandoori Maggi. However, even the humble Maggi isn't immune to the world of peculiar food experiments. From Fanta Maggi to Maggi ice cream, the Internet has borne witness to some truly unconventional Maggi recipes. Now, there's a new addition to the list of Maggi recipes that has caught everyone's attention - the intriguing "Milky Maggi".

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A video, posted by Instagram user 'official_food_city', that recently went viral shows a woman demonstrating the preparation of this unusual Maggi recipe. The peculiar recipe entails pouring milk into a pan, adding atta Maggi, along with the Maggi tastemaker, sliced onions, and capsicum. To top it off, the concoction is served in a traditional kulhad, adding to the novelty of the creation.

Reactions to this peculiar recipe have been diverse. While some ardent Maggi lovers have expressed their disapproval, others have defended this Maggi variation, deeming it a potentially "healthy" option.

Among the comments, one user wrote, "Zeher khilate hain ye. (They make people consume poison)," expressing their strong aversion to the unusual combination. Another comment read, "1 minute silence for Maggi," resonating with the sentiment of many Maggi traditionalists.

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The culinary experimentation with Maggi has prompted amusing remarks, with one individual humorously asking, "Maggi ko Maggi mat rehne dena bas, itne experiments karke ISRO me scientist banogi kya? (Don't let Maggi just be Maggi, with all these experiments, will you become an ISRO scientist?)". Meanwhile, another user pleaded, "Someone poke my eyes out, I can't handle this anymore," highlighting the bewilderment caused by the new culinary invention.

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