5 Interesting Ways You Can Use Salt That Go Beyond Cooking!

Different uses of salt: We got you various interesting ideas to make use of salt to solve various home and kitchen needs. Read on.

5 Interesting Ways You Can Use Salt That Go Beyond Cooking!

Surprising uses of salt that will benefiy in in multiple ways. Photo Credit: iStock

A pinch of salt can make or break a dish and we totally agree with it. Salt is a major cooking arsenal and holds a constant spot on every spice rack across the world. What adds to its credibility is the fact that this humble ingredient has extensive use that goes beyond your daily cooking needs. By now, you all know that salt makes for a great cleaning agent, thanks to its mildly abrasive structure that cleans stuck-on gunk from utensils, kitchen sinks, chimneys, and more. In this article, we took a step forward to highlight some surprising uses of salt that you might not be aware of. Sounds interesting? Let's take you through.

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Different Uses Of Salt Beyond Cooking: 5 Surprising Ways You Can Make Use Of Salt:

1. Salt helps pick up a dropped egg:

It is okay to make mistakes in a kitchen as long as you know how to clean it up. Dropping an egg on the kitchen floor is one such common mess we create while in a hurry. This is where a handful of salt comes to your rescue. Salt helps absorb the liquid and solidifies the egg, which makes it easy to scoop, without creating further mess. Alongside, salt is a natural deodourizer that helps eliminate the strong eggy smell on the floor.

2. Salt helps check the freshness of an egg:

Have you ever checked if the eggs you got from the grocery store are fresh enough for consumption? If not, then it's time to do so. Wonder how? Take a bowl of water and add two tablespoons of salt to it. Then place the eggs in the bowl - if they sink, the eggs are good to go. But, if you find the eggs floating, then you need to understand that they are too old for consumption. Basically, salt helps check the buoyance of the eggs - with age, the shell (of the egg) becomes porous, allowing the air to flow through.

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3. Salt prevents clothes from releasing colour:

You would often find some of your clothes bleeding colour with every wash. This not only fades the dress but also ruins the other clothes you wash along. Wonder how to alleviate the situation? We say, reach out the salt container in your kitchen. All you need to do is, soak the cloth in salt water for an hour and rinse it well. You can also add some salt, alongside detergent, during every wash. This will help lock the colour and prevent the dye from bleeding.

4. Salt helps repel flies and bugs:

Did you know, you can use some salt to make your rooms and kitchen bug-free? Basically, salt is known to dehydrate insects. This phenomenon dried out their body fluid, further killing the germs and pests. You can either boil some salt in water and sprinkle it all around, or you can keep some salt at different corners of your house to eliminate the risks of contamination.

5. Salt helps soothe bee sting:

We bet, most of you have experienced a bee sting at least once in life - it is a common occurrence when you play in a garden or somewhere with lots of trees. Here's a home remedy for the excessive pain - soak it in salt water or sprinkle some salt on the affected area. The anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties in salt help reduce swelling and soothe irritation on the skin.

Try these above-mentioned tips and let us know how they work for you.