Is It Safe To Add A Pinch Of Salt In Your Curd? Know The Pros And Cons

Incorporating salt into dahi stands as one of the most prevalent practices in our daily culinary endeavours. Let's find out if it is a wise practice.

Is It Safe To Add A Pinch Of Salt In Your Curd? Know The Pros And Cons

Curd is light on stomach and fulfilling to the core

Dahi (also known as curd) holds a revered place in every Indian kitchen. It boasts lightness, simplicity, and the ability to effortlessly transform into an array of delectable dishes and beverages. Whether added to gravies, used as a souring agent, or incorporated into raita, buttermilk, and lassi, dahi's versatility knows no bounds. Its inherent nutritional value further solidifies its significance. Nevertheless, the discourse surrounding dahi remains enigmatic. The copious and diverse information available on the internet perpetuates the evolution of our knowledge about dahi. A prominent subject within this discourse is the debate over the addition of salt to curd. While some theorists champion its health benefits, others advocate avoiding this combination. The abundance of information often leaves individuals perplexed. Hence, we embark on a journey to dissect this matter and disentangle facts from fiction. Let us commence.

Is Curd A Nutrient-rich Food?

By now, we are well aware of the profound health benefits that a serving of curd offers for overall nourishment. Laden with protein, antioxidants, probiotics, and an array of essential vitamins and minerals, curd undoubtedly qualifies as a holistic food. Experts consistently recommend incorporating curd into our diets at least once a day to bolster digestion, facilitate weight loss, and manage blood sugar and pressure levels in the body.
However, certain food items are advised against when paired with dahi. According to Ayurveda, combining dahi with foods possessing similar properties results in 'virudh anna,' a combination that disrupts the balance between vata, pitta, and kapha. Let us explore whether the amalgamation of salt and dahi falls within the realm of 'virudh anna'.
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Debunking the Myth: Is Adding Salt To Dahi Safe?

Incorporating salt into dahi stands as one of the most prevalent practices in our daily culinary endeavours. We infuse it into dahi-based curries, chaas, raita, and more, elevating the flavour profiles of dishes significantly. Renowned consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta explains, "Dahi exhibits an acidic nature, and salt aids in neutralizing this acidity, rendering it easier to digest and, naturally, more palatable." This practice even serves as a simple method to introduce salt into the diets of individuals with low sodium levels in their bodies.
Yet, Ayurveda introduces an alternative perspective. "Ayurveda posits that chemically processed salt and sugar (common salt and sugar) affects the nutrients in curd, making it less healthy," states Rupali Datta. Adding excess table salt to dahi might also affect your metabolism adversely. Hence, the best practice, according to Ayurveda, is to have it as is or add black/pink salt for extra nutrients, but of course, in moderation.
Rupali Datta concludes, "Salt with dahi might react differently in different bodies. Hence, it is always advised to consult an expert to understand your meal, as per your body type." Eat healthy stay fit!

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