This Article is From Feb 01, 2023

Man Turns A Vacant Place Into A Gym, Asks Users Not To Swear. Here's Why

A British man transformed a derelict church into a brand-new gym, but it is strictly forbidden to use cursing in this once-holy location.

Man Turns A Vacant Place Into A Gym, Asks Users Not To Swear. Here's Why

Swearing is banned at this British gym.

A gym owner and physical trainer in the United Kingdom who wanted a larger space for his already running gym purchased and moved into a new location, but there is one clause for all gym goers that they cannot swear inside the gym premises, and the reason for this is that the location was a church before he converted it into a gym.

The church in Culmstock was purchased by 41-year-old Joe Newbold for 93,000 pounds, according to the Mirror, and it took him three months to turn it into a gym. The personal trainer is confident that the location will draw people and develop into a hub for the neighbourhood. Then, he wants to grow his company.

"I've been renting a space in the next village over for about five years, but it was only a small room, and I had to bring equipment in and out to train clients," said Mr. Joe.

"I've always been looking for a permanent residence, and when the church came up, it was perfect. It's got all the space I ever wanted, and there's room for expansion in the future. The church itself is so unique; I've Googled gyms in old churches, and it's such a rarity throughout the world," he added.

Mr. Joe said that his new physical training studio is unique, and he hasn't seen any such studio in his 25 years in the field. He added that the gym member will try not to use any curse words, but there will be plenty of blood, sweat, and tears.

The neighbourhood residents are likewise pleased to see the renovated church; they are grateful that the church is being used for a good cause.

"The congregation took the actual crucifix with them, which was good as it certainly wasn't anything I wanted myself."

"I'm trying to keep as many original and unique elements in there as possible," he said.