This Article is From Apr 08, 2017

Vin Diesel Says He's Close To Dwayne Johnson In A 'Weird Way'

Vin Diesel Says He's Close To Dwayne Johnson In A 'Weird Way'

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in a film still


  • 'Some things may be blown out of proportion,' said Vin Diesel
  • Vin Diesel says he's protected Dwayne Johnson 'more than he'll ever know'
  • They co-star in upcoming film Fate Of The Furious
New Delhi: Actor Vin Diesel says that his 'feud' with Fast & Furious series co-star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been blown out of proportion and that the two actors are actually close in a weird way, reports USA Today. "I don't think the world really realizes how close we are, in a weird way," says Diesel, who steered clear of the specifics of their disagreement. "I think some things may be blown out of proportion. I don't think that was his intention. I know he appreciates how much I work this franchise. In my house, he's Uncle Dwayne," Vin Diesel, star of upcoming film Fate Of The Furious, said.

Fate Of The Furious is the eighth film in Fast & Furious franchise and the first without late actor Paul Walker, who died in an accident before he could complete filming the seventh film Furious 7, which released in 2015.

In March while presenting the film at the CinemaCon convention, Vin Diesel paid an emotional tribute to his late friend. Of his relationship with Dwayne Johnson, the xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage actor told USA Today: "I protect everybody including Dwayne. I protected Dwayne more than he'll ever know. And it doesn't matter. He doesn't have to know. But he appreciates it. He knows it. Dwayne has only got one Vin in his life. Dwayne Johnson only has one big brother in this film world and that's me."

Vin Diesel was last seen in xXx: Return of Xander Cage co-starring Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. He's awaiting the release of Fate Of The Furious which will hit the screens in April. Dwayne Johnson will also be seen in Baywatch releasing this May. The film co-stars Priyanka Chopra and Zac Efron.