Swedish DJ Avicii Fondly Remembered By Fellow Musicians: 'Taken Away From Us Far Too Young'

"You should have lived to be 150.. but your music is gonna live forever," wrote Diplo while Deadmau5 said: "No words can describe the sadness"

Swedish DJ Avicii Fondly Remembered By Fellow Musicians: 'Taken Away From Us Far Too Young'

"Taken too soon #rip Avicii," tweeted Akon (courtesy Akon)


  • "I miss you dear friend," wrote Steve Aoki
  • "Avicii was a genius," tweeted Charlie Puth
  • "You will forever remain an inspiration," wrote Skrillex
New Delhi: Superstar DJ and EDM sensation Avicii died on Friday in Muscat, leaving his humongous fan following mourning. The Swedish DJ, whose original name was Tim burgling and who had hinted at his struggle with popularity and health, retired from the EDM scene in 2016 with many hoping that he was to return on stage soon - hopes that were shattered on Friday after the news of his death broke. Tweets mourning Avicii have poured in on Twitter with fellow musicians and record producers like Deadmau5, Nile Rodgers, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Zedd, Steve Aoki, Charlie Puth, Liam Payne, Ellie Golding, Akon and many, many others fondly remembering the young Swedish DJ.

"Devastating news about Avicii, a beautiful soul, passionate and extremely talented with so much more to do. My heart goes out to his family. God bless you Tim," wrote Calvin Harris while Zedd tweeted: "No words can describe the sadness I'm feeling right now, hearing about Avicii passing away... Thoughts go out to his family and friends." Canadian record producer Deadmau5 tweeted to say: "I would have enjoyed nothing more than ripping into Avicii well into and beyond our 60's. taken away from us far too young. I know he's at peace somewhere up there getting the last laugh that i spelled his name right this time." American DJ Diplo added: "You should have lived to be 150.. but your music is gonna live forever."

Here's to remembering Avicii:

The remix I did of Levels hasn't left my set since I made it back in 2011. All though we weren't "close friends" I feel this deep sadness through the connection we had through this song. Tim was a truly a genius and an innovator, yet sensitive and humble. This industry can be rough and from a far I saw it take a tole on him. I just wish I could have hugged him more and told him it would be okay .You're music will forever be apart of mine and so many other lives. Maybe that's the closest thing we have to immortality. I really hope you're essence , wherever it may be in the universe is now at peace. And if in some miracle you can see this , I hope you know that as long as human beings are alive on this planet , you will forever remain an inspiration. Thank you Tim. RIP

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You set the precedent for the rest of us producers/ opened doors and set the trends . A real groundbreaker and influencer to all your peers . You should have lived to be 150.. but your music is gonna live forever . I'm not just saying that.. but you are the only one to always make timeless songs. You were the gold standard . You made me want try and make dance music when i first heard "seek bromance" . And then u kept making feel like shit cause you kept gettin better and i couldn't even mix a snare right .. you were the best of this generation . A real superstar I know you had your demons and maybe this wasn't the right place for you sometimes , but we need to protect true artists like you at all costs because there are not enough left and we are losing too many .. be good Tim

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Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Athiya Shetty also paid tribute to the Swedish DJ:

The trajectory of Avicii's popularity witnessed a sharp rise after he launched Levels in 2011 but he announced his retirement merely five years after that - he was reportedly suffering from acute pancreatitis. Avicii, whose best works include Hey Brother, Levels and Wake Me Up, was widely hailed for bringing electronic dance music to the forefront and his attempt to merge country music with EDM - something which is apparent from his body of work.

On Friday, he was found dead in Muscat, Oman, said a statement from his representatives. However, there has been no announcement about his cause of death. Avicii was 28.