This Article is From Jul 22, 2021

A Tuscan Throwback Pic From Soni Razdan's Archives

Soni Razdan shared a photo from a trip to Tuscany, Italy, on her Instagram page

A Tuscan Throwback Pic From Soni Razdan's Archives

Soni Razdan posted this image. (courtesy: sonirazdan)


  • Soni Razdan posted a throwback on Instagram
  • The picture happens to be from May 2019
  • The picture was taken in Tuscany, Italy
New Delhi:

Since the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions started, everyone has drilled into our minds that travelling is a big "no" these days. Now, we are tired of that platitude. But what if someone told you that there's a foolproof way to travel even in these times? Shocked? Well, actress Soni Razdan seems to be saying just that. But, mind you, she's playing with her words. Soni Razdan, has posted a photo on Instagram and the caption is a piece of ingenuity. The photo is from a trip to Tuscany, Italy, but she isn't travelling now. Soni is simply walking down memory lane or, as she wrote, "Travelling back in time."

This is a throwback photo from the summer of 2019 and Soni captioned it, "Travelling back in time seems to be the safest and best way to travel these days, what say? Tuscany, May 2019." Soni Razdan is seen wearing a coat and a scarf and she is carrying an umbrella for the sudden bursts of the season. 

See the post here:

However, she has been working on a film project and she hasn't revealed much about it. But we can vouch that the shoot locations are beautiful after seeing her in a photo by a lakeside.  She captions it, "And that's a wrap to this untold tale. More coming soon."

Soni Razdan's throwback photos often include scenes from her old films. She posted a scene from the movie Saaransh, celebrating 37 years since its release.

She also shared a close-up of her younger self acting in the Vinod Chopra film Khamosh. She wrote that memories could fade but pictures are reminders of them. "This one was from my shoot in Kashmir for the film Khamosh directed by Vinod Chopra," she wrote.

There's no need for her to travel right now as she seems cosy in her green surroundings. Some days she shows us her surroundings while also motivating us to go for walks for better health.

That's all from Soni Razdan's travel diaries for now.