This Article is From Jul 31, 2021

Shahid Kapoor Thinks Mira Rajput Resembles One Of Their Kids In This Pic. Guess Who

Mira Rajput shared her sunny selfie on Instagram and sported her bouncy curls to exude her happy vibes.

Shahid Kapoor Thinks Mira Rajput Resembles One Of Their Kids In This Pic. Guess Who

Mira Rajput shared this photo (courtesy mira.kapoor)


  • Mira Rajput shared an adorable pic on Instagram
  • She captioned the photo with a song lyrics
  • "Ditto Zain," Shahid Kapoor commented
New Delhi:

Who's the sun-kissed girl today? None other than, Mira Rajput. And this time she is sporting a fisherman hat to look all the more gorgeous. While the rains can get our mood swings on the gloomier side some days, Mira Rajput's photos can't let us linger in the shadows for long. Her sunny smile is enough to brush away the clouds. In the photo that she shared on Instagram, Mira Kapoor looks warm and cosy under the sunshine and we don't mind that glitch effect giving her photo a bit of bounce. She is letting her sun-kissed curls cover her face but not her exuberant spirits. And we aren't surprised that Mira Rajput is slaying her natural glow again. That's enough to brighten our days.

In the caption, she wrote, "Cover me in the sunshine," reminding us of American singer Pink's heartwarming song with the same title. The picture spread like wildfire on the social media platform with one of the first comments coming from her husband, actor Shahid Kapoor, who compared Mira Rajput to their toddler son Zain. "Ditto Zain," the actor wrote. 


If It's Mira Rajput, it's about all things sunny. She loves her natural glow and when it comes to skincare she has her own set of rules to play by. The mother of two also made a video to share pointers with her fans. And, we love her for that.

In yet another of Mira Rajput's sun-kissed photos, she is seen radiating joy with her beautiful smile. The morning sun, a white shirt and hair let loose: Mira Rajput likes to keep her joys simple and real.

If she is out in the sun in a white salwar suit, don't be surprised if she is turning us blind with her brightness. Mira Rajput has her own way of mixing beauty, fashion and fun into one picture. In these, she simply cracks a joke about an old detergent powder advertisement. With such a mix of humour and sensibility, no wonder her fans can't get enough of her.

But sometimes, the sun and humidity get to her. And she leaves no chance to mention how annoying such weather can be, especially after a blow-dry. She posted a photo, where she is seen flipping her hair and she wrote, "How long does your blow-dry last in this humidity? Exactly 124 seconds for me." That humour does add to Mira Rajput's lively spirit. 

But is the heat and humidity killing all her fun? No way. She can turn her sweaty face into a fun Instagram post in a snap. What's more, we are still not complaining about the sweat but wondering at her natural beauty in those photos.

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