Shah Rukh Khan Found This Fan Recreation Of Jawan's "Bete Ko Haath" Line "Too Funny

"Ha ha ha! This was too funny," SRK wrote

Shah Rukh Khan Found This Fan Recreation Of Jawan's 'Bete Ko Haath' Line 'Too Funny

SRK in Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya. (courtesy: iamsrk)

New Delhi:

No, it's not time for an #AskSRk session yet but Shah Rukh Khan is just in the mood to interact with his fans. The superstar has been reacting to fan videos, posts on X (earlier called Twitter). A family of SRK fans recreated his viral Jawan scene, where Vikram Rathore (played by SRK) tells Vijay Sethupathi's character Kalee, "Bete ko hath lagane se pehle, baap se baat kar" (Before touching the son, deal with the father) as he attacks his son Azad (also played by Shah Rukh Khan). The fan version of the video showcases a mom hitting her son. Enter his dad and he holds the lady's hand as the aforementioned dialogue plays in the backdrop. SRK, reacting to the fan's rendition of the video, wrote, "Ha ha ha! This was too funny...Thank you for making this. Love you."

Read SRK's tweet here:

Meanwhile, a fan documented the reaction of fans from a Paris theatre. Shah Rukh Khan, reacting to it, wrote, "Thank you! This is very nice.... Happy to see you all having fun at the movies. Sending my love to everyone who enjoyed #Jawan in Paris. Love you."

What happens when Jawan takes over New York's Times Square? The video goes viral and SRK reacts to it. He replied, "Thank u! This is awesome. Hope Times Square enjoyed what they saw.... Ha ha! Love to everyone that made this happen."

A fan mentioned that their daughter learnt SRK's Jawan song Chaleya. So, how did she do? Hear it from SRK. He wrote, "Aahna, tell your dad to book your tickets immediately because I've loved both the songs u did.... Both Chaleya and the rap!! So thank u and love u! Now watch it again and sing Zinda Banda next please?"

"Meet this adorable elderly couple from Guwahati, Assam, who watched SRK's Jawan with their family," wrote a fan club dedicated to SRK. The superstar's reaction, "They are very sweet... please send my love and regards to them. Hope they enjoyed the film.... Thank u."

No session is incomplete without "little Jawans" being mentioned. This one wasn't any different. "Send your beta a big hug from me! Thank u my little Jawan," Shah Rukh Khan replied to a fan.

Fair to say that Jawan is a fan favourite all over the world. Here's a video all the way from Peru.

"Thank u Peru! Very happy and Grateful... seeing all the videos coming from u all. Continue loving Jawan this way," Shah Rukh Khan replied to another video from Peru.

Besides Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan will also star in Rajkumar Hirani's Dunki, co-starring Taapsee Pannu, which is also slated to release this year. Shah Rukh Khan, who was MIA from the big screen for almost 4 years, returned with a bang in 2023 and how. He featured in the smash hit Pathaan this year, alongside Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. His film Jawan is a blockbuster already. The film released earlier this month.