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Saira Banu On First Meeting With Shah Rukh Khan: "He Looked So Much Like My Shahenshah Dilip Sahib"

"I said if my son had been there he would have been just like him," said Saira Banu about Shah Rukh Khan

Saira Banu On First Meeting With Shah Rukh Khan: 'He Looked So Much Like My Shahenshah Dilip Sahib'

Image shared on Instagram . (Courtesy: sairabanu)

New Delhi:

Veteran actress Saira Banu's Instagram feed is no less than a treasure trove of curated memories and to the fans 'delight, her latest entry features the one and only Shah Rukh Khan. Sharing a throwback picture of herself with her late husband Dilip Kumar and the Jawan star, Saira Banu wrote about the equation the trio shared. In an extensive post she began with talking about the "chance encounter" she had with the Pathaan star. She wrote, "The first time I saw Shahrukh was when many stars had met for a function...I immediately remarked that he seemed shy and reticent to come forward....and I noticed that he looked so much like my Shahenshah Dilip Sahib....I said if my son had been there He would have been just like him."

She continued, "One vivid memory I have is of a chance encounter with Shahrukh, where he humbly bowed before me, seeking blessings. As I placed my hand on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, I couldn't help but remark how it resembled that of Dilip Sahib. Since that day, whenever Shahrukh and I met, he graciously lowered his head, allowing me to offer him my blessings. Interestingly, on one occasion, I forgot to run my hand through his hair, and immediately after, Shahrukh lowered his head, saying, "Aaj Aapne Mere Baalon Par Hath Nahin Phera”, and without hesitation, I lovingly ran my fingers through his hair, completing our familiar ritual."

Calling the actor, a "considerate individual," Saira Banu recalled an incident when SRK supported her endeavour. She wrote, "Shahrukh Khan is a remarkable actor and also an incredibly sweet, well-mannered, and considerate individual. He would frequently grace us with his presence at various functions hosted at our house. Once, there was a special event for my company, and I had a strong desire for Shahrukh to do an interview. However, Shahrukh's hectic work schedule seemed almost insurmountable. Yet, with just a single text message from me, I was amazed to find him at my doorstep within a mere hour, willing to oblige and support my endeavor."

"On the 7th of July, when Dilip Sahib slipped into a deep slumber, unresponsive to my voice, leaving me burdened with the ache of his absence, Shahrukh emerged as a beacon of solace. In that moment, his affection for the 'Kohinoor of Hindustan,' Dilip Sahib, shone brightly as he was among the very first to offer his comforting presence in the face of adversity. What truly speaks volumes about Shahrukh's admiration for Sahib is when he arrived at our home to get the “Mughal-e-Azam” poster signed by Sahib and I believe that it's kept in his private theater. It reflects his deep-rooted respect and affection for the cinematic legends who came before him," Saira Banu said signing off.

Take a look at the emotional post below:

This comes at a point when Shah Rukh Khan's latest release Jawan is winning hearts of people across the country and abroad.

Shah Rukh Khan's film garnered a whopping ₹ 46.23 crore on Day 2 alone, per Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh. The collection of the Hindi version of the film is ₹ 111.73 crore.

Jawan opened to stellar reviews. Film critic Saibal Chatterjee gave the film a 3.5 star rating in his review for NDTV and he wrote, "Jawan hits the bull's eye both as a movie that is out to entertain and a vehicle that demonstrates the power of a superstar endowed with a voice that is anything but ordinary. It manifests itself as much on the screen as it does outside its fictive confines."