This Article is From Nov 08, 2017

Pahlaj Nihalani Gets Green Signal To Release Julie 2 But At A Cost

Pahlaj Nihalani says that the case against Julie 2 by the producer of 2004 film Julie is 'bogus' but he played the compensation to secure his film's smooth release

Pahlaj Nihalani Gets Green Signal To Release Julie 2 But At A Cost

A still from Julie 2. (Image courtesy: YouTube)


  • A copyright infringement case was filed against the makers of Julie 2
  • The film's release has been rescheduled thrice
  • Julie 2 is finally releasing with Kapil Sharma's Firangi on November 24
New Delhi: Film distributor Pahlaj Nihalani is happy that all the obstacles in the release of his upcoming Julie 2 are done with but is unhappy with the fact that it came at a cost. Recently, producer NR Pachisia (the producer of 2004 film Julie starring Neha Dhupia) had filed a copyright infringement case against the makers of Julie 2. Mr Nihalani told news agency IANS: "What we gave him was even less than the lawyer's fees. But what Pachisia has taken away is our faith in people from our own fraternity. Pachisia knows what producers have to go through when their films are stalled legally or otherwise at the last moment."

"He still went ahead and filed a bogus case against our film claiming Julie 2 infringed on the copyrights of the film Julie which Pachisia had produced in 2004. We kept shouting and vowing that Julie 2 had nothing to do with the film that he had produced," he added. Both Julie and Julie 2, which features Raai Laxmi in lead role, are directed by Deepak Shivdasani.

Julie 2's release date has been rescheduled thrice and now the film will finally hit the screens on November 24, when it will clash with Kapil Sharma's Firangi. "We want action taken against all litigants who try to stop a film's release at the last minute. This is done only to make quick money or to gain instant publicity," said the former chief of the Central Board of Film Certification.

Julie 2, an erotic thriller, featured in headlines courtesy Pahlaj Nihalani's association with the project (surely you remember his Sansakari ways while he was CBFC boss). Julie 2 was cleared by the CBFC (with Prasoon Joshi at the helm of affairs) with an 'A' certificate and with no cuts.