This Article is From Jul 25, 2016

Naseer's Rajesh Khanna Remark: Keep Calm and Play Pokemon, Tweets Twinkle

Naseer's Rajesh Khanna Remark: Keep Calm and Play Pokemon, Tweets Twinkle

Twinkle Khanna and Naseeruddin Shah photographed in Mumbai.


  • Naseeruddin Shah blamed Rajesh Khanna for lowering acting standards
  • Can everyone please stop (and) go play Pokemon: Twinkle's latest tweet
  • Naseeruddin Shah has apologized for his remarks
New Delhi: Author Twinkle Khanna, who furiously lashed at out against Naseeruddin Shah over comments about her father Rajesh Khanna, really has had the last word. "This has gone far enough, can everyone please stop, we have all stated our opinions. Now can everyone go play Pokemon," she tweeted on Monday.

Yes ma'am, off to play Pokemon Go after this article.

Mr Shah has apologized for his remarks and was quoted by India Today in a tweet as saying, "I apologise to those who were personally offended, my intention was not to attack him (Rajesh Khanna)." In a tweet on Sunday, Twinkle reminded Mr Shah of Mr Khanna's body of work and thanked her followers for adding their tweets to hers.

Last week, Naseeruddin Shah told Hindustan Times that he blamed Rajesh Khanna, who ruled the box office in the Seventies, for lowering acting standards. "It was the 70s when mediocrity came in Hindi films. That's when the actor called Rajesh Khanna joined the industry. For all his success, I think Mr Khanna was a very limited actor. In fact, he was a poor actor. Intellectually, he wasn't the most alert person I have ever met. His taste ruled the industry," he said.

His comment provoked an angry response from the late actor's daughter. "Sir if you can't respect the living, respect the dead - mediocrity is attacking a man who can't respond," tweeted Twinkle to a handle that bears Mr Shah's name but is unverified.

Twinkle's friend, filmmaker Karan Johar, tweeted in her support almost immediately:

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli described Mr Shah's words as "callous:"

Several Twitter users also defended Mr Khanna, while many pointed out that Naseeruddin Shah has every right to his own opinion.

Rajesh Khanna, the actor for whom the term 'superstar' was coined, died of cancer in July 2012. He was the star of films like Aradhana, Kati Patang and Safar.

Twinkle Khanna, 42, is married to actor Akshay Kumar and is the elder of Rajesh Khanna's two daughters with actress Dimple Kapadia. Twinkle has starred in films like Mela, Baadshah and International Khiladi. She is now a columnist and author.