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Met Gala 2019: Lady Gaga Out-Gagas Herself With 4 Outfit Changes. Internet = Broken

Met Gala 2019: Nobody does 'camp' quite like Lady Gaga. Don't even try to compete

Met Gala 2019: Lady Gaga Out-Gagas Herself With 4 Outfit Changes. Internet = Broken

Met Gala 2019: Lady Gaga on the red carpet (courtesy AFP)


  • Lady Gaga and her four outfit changes just stole the show at Met Gala
  • Lady Gaga took the 'camp' theme very seriously
  • The Internet is filled with memes featuring Lady Gaga
New Delhi:

Lady Gaga shut down the Met Gala this year with what was essentially a striptease on the red - actually pink - carpet. The theme was camp fashion and nobody does camp quite like Lady Gaga who wore four outfits, one beneath the other and revealed each in quick succession live while making the grandest of entries. She began in a giant fuchsia ballgown by Brandon Maxwell with an outsize train and a bow to match in her hair. Beneath it, a black gown with only a slightly smaller silhouette, accessorized with, wait for it, an umbrella, making Lady Gaga look like a goth Mary Poppins. She took the dress off to reveal a fuchsia sheath below, ditching the umbrella for a Judith Leiber clutch in the shape of a retro cell phone. Underneath it all was her very last outfit - the bare minimum in sparkly black fishnet.

That's how you break the Internet.


Met Gala 2019: How Lady Gaga stunned us (courtesy AFP)

Lady Gaga wasn't the only drama on the Met Gala red carpet - Katy Perry came as a chandelier, for starters - but she certainly got the most attention on Twitter which rushed over itself to meme the event for posterity. Behold the glory of Lady Gaga:

Here's some post break-up fashion advice.

Lady Gaga's outfit changes explained by dogs and we can't even...

The one and only:

Attention seeking? Pfft:

Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga:

Umm... we'll let the meme do the talking:

Did you say you "missed Lady Gaga's wild outfits"? Yes, you did and then:

The 2000s called, they want the dress back.

India was respectably represented by Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, both putting their best camp foot forward. But Lady Gaga being the queen of extra is precisely why we love her so much.

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