Kaun Benega Crorepati 9, Episode 28: A Laughter Dose For Amitabh Bachchan

KBC 9: Ranjeet Jaiswal started his game and took his sweet time to answer questions. Amitabh Bachchan wished he could play longer

Kaun Benega Crorepati 9, Episode 28: A Laughter Dose For Amitabh Bachchan

KBC 9: Amitabh Bachchan in a still from the show. (Image courtesy: Big B)

New Delhi: 


  1. Ranjeet Jaiswal played his game was ease and fun
  2. Ranjeet Jaiswal discussed his personal and professional life on the show
  3. Meenakshi Jain was the next contestant
Ranjeet Jaiswal from Bhopal, who was selected in Wednesday's episode after winning the Fastest Finger First, started his journey on Kaun Banega Crorepati 9 today. Host Amitabh Bachchan reminded viewers that they too can play the game live while sitting in the comfort of their respective homes. After a quick fresher on the rules of the quiz show, Mr Bachchan started KBC 9 with Ranjeet Jaiswal. Mr Jaiswal was in no hurry to end the game and played with ease. He even told Mr Bachchan to 'relax.' (LOL). On question #6, Mr Jaiswal asked for the ticker to be stopped and took some time to choose Phone A Friend lifeline. After giving the answer for the sixth question, Ranjeet Jaiswal got up from his seat thinking his answer was incorrect.

Ranjeet Jaiswal again used a lifeline - Audience Poll - in the seventh question. Both times, Ranjeet Jaiswal took more time in selecting the lifeline than he took in locking the answer, much to Mr Bachchan's amusement.

On the eighth question, after facing difficulty in answering the question, Ranjeet Jaiswal started yelling "Sharma ji, Sharma ji," indicating he would use his third lifeline - Jodidaar. Ranjeet Jaiswal's Jodidaar, Ramakanth Sharma, revealed that Mr Jaiswal has started behaving like a celebrity ever since he got selected for the show. Mr Jaiswal used his last lifeline (50:50) and finally won Rs 80,000.

In between the game, Ranjeet Jaiswal narrated his love story to Amitabh Bachchan, after which a call was made to his wife. Their conversation had Amitabh Bachchan in splits. Ranjeet Jaiswal quit after winning Rs 80,000.

The contestant to sit on the Hot Seat was Meenakshi Jain, who has been nicknamed Google by her family. Her husband Mahavir Jain and son Ankit accompanied her to the show. She quickly cleared the first milestone of the show securing Rs 10,000 prize money.

For those aspiring to participate in the show in future, here's a sample of the questions you can expect (from religious, political to sports) at the hot seat:

#1 Which of these names is also a word used in a blessing?
#2 Which of these politicians became the vice-president of his party in 2013?
#3 In which if these regions will you find towns name Pauri and Tehri?
#4 Which cricketer scored his 100th half century in international cricket, across all formats, in September 2017 at Chennai

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