This Article is From Apr 20, 2017

Katy Perry Trolled For Posting Pic Of Goddess Kali Captioned 'Current Mood'

Katy Perry Trolled For Posting Pic Of Goddess Kali Captioned 'Current Mood'

Katy Perry captioned the picture of Goddess Kali "current mood" (courtesy: katyperry)


  • "Katy Perry is just so messed up," read a tweet
  • She captioned the picture of Goddess Kali "current mood"
  • "She didn't say anything negative," wrote an Instagram follower
New Delhi: Pop star Katy Perry started a debate on her Instagram feed after she shared a picture of Goddess Kali, captioned "current mood." The picture shared by the Roar singer, currently has over 213,000 likes but is the reason Katy Perry is being subjected to trolling on Twitter and Instagram by those who deem it as offensive. "Katy Perry is just so messed up. She is clearly treating our gods and goddesses as memes. And she is conveying the same to her fans," read a tweet while another dragged in the reference of Hollywood in the light of Katy Perry's post, saying: "Step one to be trendy in Hollywood; appropriate another culture into a shareable Instagram meme."

Instagram and Twitter appear to be divided over Katy Perry's Instagram post, with many asking for her intention to be not misinterpreted.

Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of the ongoing debate in the comments thread of Katy Perry's Instagram post:

"You know what!? If I posted that on my wall I would be roasted like hell she's getting away with this stuff just because she's a celebrity. If a normal person were to do that it would rain fire in their comment section," read an angry post while another user said: "She has just put the picture. That's it. She didn't say anything negative to offend Hindu sentiments, so all of you please stop sulking and go easy."

Meanwhile, here's what Katy Perry posted:

current mood

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Meanwhile, Katy Perry has not responded to the trolls yet. Her post featuring a picture of goddess Kali arrived before she recently hosted and attended an Easter party for her brand, called Katy Perry Collections. She's also shared several pretty pictures from inside the party:

Katy Perry is best known for her songs like Dark Horse, California Girls Unconditionally and Firework. In Hollywood, she has appeared in animated film Zoolander 2 and voiced the character of Smurfette in The Smurfs series of films.