This Article is From Jul 06, 2022

Karan Johar To NDTV: "Still Cursed For Nepotism But Now I'm Not Bothered" - 5 Big Quotes

Karan Johar is all set for the seventh season of his talk show 'Koffee With Karan'. Speaking to NDTV on the sets of the show, Karan talked about a range of issues.

Karan Johar on nepotism and more.

  1. "When I see myself in season one (of Koffee With Karan), I feel like there was this innocent child who is asking questions like an elocutionist, trying to be very prim and proper in my delivery. Over the seasons, I feel like there's a lot of unabashedness, a lot of ease. Now I'm more like my self, not bothered about how I am looking, how I'm sitting, whether my expressions are too much."
  2. "The only topic that has not left me is nepotism. It started on this sofa and never left me. It never left the industry, it never left social media. I am still cursed for it, still trolled for it but now I'm not bothered."
  3. "So many people have said no (to come on Koffee With Karan). Like Ranbir told me 'I'm not coming'. And he's a really close friend of mine. He said 'If I say something kuchh gadbad ho jaega (something will go wrong) so I'm not coming'. He teases me, he says 'you pay me what you're getting, then I'll come'. I said 'why should I pay you? I'm not paying you'. And I respect that. Just because they are close friends, they shouldn't come. They should come if they want to come."
  4. "Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khand and Aamir Khan are not coming together (on the show). I don't have the power to pull that trio. I can get them to a party, not on the show. I can't manage two also of this triumvirate together."
  5. On leaking rapid fire questions On 'Koffee With Karan': "I did it once when I was shooting the Student of the Year episode with the three of them. I was so scared because they were new and I wanted them to come across well. That's the only time I have done it. "