This Article is From Oct 21, 2021

Gul Panag Went Camping With Son Nihaal. He Was In His "Own Tent Most Of The Day"

Maldives or camping were the two choices that Nihal gave his mother, Gul Panag.

Gul Panag Went Camping With Son Nihaal. He Was In His 'Own Tent Most Of The Day'

Gul Panag shared this photo. (Image courtesy: gulpanag)


  • "Our ride for this trip was the super cool," wrote Gul Panag
  • "And what a ride!" she added
  • She added hashtags like #outdoors and #camping
New Delhi:

Gul Panag is having a great time in the hills of Himachal Pradesh with her best companion. Who? Her son Nihal is keeping her company and played a pivotal role in choosing how they spent their time. The actress said that when asked what he wanted to do, the little one had only two options: camping or Maldives. Being the smart mother that she is, Gul Panag said that she went for the more economical option. Sharing a picture of her son sitting happily in his tent, Gul Panag wrote, “Nihal insisted on getting his ‘own' tent. And being in it most of the day.”

Sharing details, Gul Panag further said, “I am glad his first response to the question ‘Where would you like to go?' is turning out to be camping. His second response is the Maldives. The former is much easier to do. And might I add, far more cost-effective.”

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Over the past few days, Gul Panag has been sharing images from their camping experience. In one of the photos, the actress is seen posing in front of the tent, amidst the trees with two adorable beagles by her feet.

Sharing the image, Gul Panag said, “There's something about the outdoors that keeps pulling us back. We were here, camping a couple of weeks ago, Nihal's first camp incidentally, and we're back.”

Explaining the rationale behind going camping with her little one, Gul Panag said, “I was hopeful that Nihal would imbibe an early love for the outdoors when we brought him camping for the first time. Imagine my delight, when he said he wanted to camping - upon being asked what we could do last weekend. In his defence, he hasn't really experienced malls.”

Gul Panag added that such short breaks helped her “rejuvenate and recharge”. She added, “I tried to get Nihal to join me in this photo, but he was too busy running around.”

Here's another photo of the mother-son duo enjoying some time outdoors and smiling for the camera.

 Gul Panag is a former Miss India and made her debut in Bollywood with the 2003 film Dhoop. She has been married to pilot Rishi Attari since 2011.