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Trust Karan Johar To Hilariously Explain His "Shahenshah" Hoodie

Farah Khan has disapproved of Karan Johar's style statements several times in the past

Trust Karan Johar To Hilariously Explain His 'Shahenshah' Hoodie

Karan Johar in a still from the video. (courtesy: farahkhankunder)


  • Farah Khan posted a reel featuring Karan Johar
  • "This deserved a reel," wrote Farah Khan
  • KJo and Farah Khan have worked together on several projects
New Delhi:

Karan Johar is back with his eccentric sartorial choices. But Farah Khan won't leave him in peace without dropping funny comments on his clothing sense. The two have shared banter over Kjo's fashion sensibilities in a video. Farah Khan shot the clip and uploaded it on Instagram. She begins the video with an extreme closeup of KJo's sunglasses and pans out to show his entire look. What we see is an all-black ensemble on KJo. His jacket is studded with metal embellishments and here's what Farah Khan has to say about it.

Farah Khan comments on the sunglasses, "Oh my god, is this a diamond." Then she looks at Karan Johar's entire ensemble and says, "Oh my god this Shahenshah look." For sure, we can relate to Farah Khan's comment. After all, KJo's jacket reminds us of the iconic black jacket that Amitabh Bachchan wore in the 1988 film Shahenshah. The jet black colour along with the deadly looking spikes and pokes are similar features between Big B's costume and KJo's silhouette.

Karan Johar does not back off after listening to Farah Khan's comment. He says in a dramatic way, "Listen these are studs. Something that you are not used to." Taking a cue from this hilarious comment, Farah Khan says, "I was once used to. But listen, what are these pokey things? Oh, this is the only poke you will give me." KJo explains, "Farah, you are not understanding. This is a certain piece of garment." As he continues to speak, Farah Khan turns the camera away from KJo, who gets offended by this gesture. The two continue to share banter over this incident. The caption read, "This deserved a Reels. Karan Johar in a Shahenshah hoodie."

This isn't the first time Farah Khan has shared a fun video with Karan Johar. Earlier, she had disappointed KJo with her comment on fashion. Here's another video:

It's not just Farah Khan who pesters Karan Johar by criticising his clothing sense. In fact, the filmmaker receives harsh feedback from his twins Yash and Roohi too. The toddlers often disapprove of his "shiny" outfits. Here's a video where KJo caught them on camera:

For sure, we are loving the way Farah Khan and Karan Johar are sharing their comments on fashion.