Does Milind Soman Eat Jalebis? Here's What He Has To Say

Milind Soman shared his food philosophy with fans in an Instagram post

Does Milind Soman Eat Jalebis? Here's What He Has To Say

Milind Soman shared this photo (courtesy milindrunning)


  • "Fitness, to me, means a life of freedom," wrote Milind Soman
  • "We all know what food is good," he added
  • "I eat more whole food and minimize the over processed," he added
New Delhi:

Milind Soman has been a fashion and fitness icon for decades now. With his Greek God looks and enviable fitness achievements, Milind Soman has always been an inspiration for his fans and social media followers. Therefore, the Internet was in for a pleasant surprise when they saw the 55-year-old pose with the jalebi. The classic Indian sugary treat is loved for its taste but is also not considered the healthiest food pick on the menu. So what was the model-actor doing with it? Eating it, according to Milind Soman himself. Milind Soman also shared his philosophy on food and fitness in a lengthy caption.

He followed the pic of the jalebi with a snap of his healthy plate of food. Sharing the images, Milind Soman wrote, “Do I eat jalebis? Of course...sometimes. Fitness, to me, means a life of freedom, not restriction; to be able to enjoy everything that life and the world have to offer. We all know what food is good and bad for us, all I do is eat more of the good and minimize the bad! So more vegetables and fruits, very little refined sugar.”

Explaining further, Milind Soman said, “When it comes to food, I believe that 'when' and 'how much' are more important than what.”

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Milind Soman and his wife Ankita Konwar have been on a tour of Gujarat over the last few days. The couple has been keeping their fans and followers abreast of all the developments of the journey.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Milind Soman shared a picture from the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi in Porbandar. “When I hear the story of his life, live simply is the lesson that resonates most with me. What does anyone wish for in life more than to be happy? I truly believe the path to happiness lies through simplicity. For many different reasons, Mahatma Gandhi has been and will continue to be, an inspiration to people from all over the world. Today, on the anniversary of his birth, I wish the world, health, peace and happiness,” he wrote.

Milind Soman also shared a video of himself parasailing for the first time in his life. “200ft above the pristine Shivrajpur beach, it's another world. My first time parasailing, don't know how I missed doing it all these years, but it fantastic fun, doing it again soon,” the veteran model added. “I thought I would be too nervous to shoot, hope it doesn't show and you like the shot.”

We would love to see more such happy pictures of Milind Soman. What about you?