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Bobby Deol On New Innings In Bollywood: 'Didn't Capitalise On My Stardom In 90s'

Bobby Deol said, "It's been a great journey for me in the Nineties... It feels good that I am still working."

Bobby Deol On New Innings In Bollywood: 'Didn't Capitalise On My Stardom In 90s'

Bobby Deol shared this picture. (Image courtesy: iambobbydeol)


  • It's never the end of the road if you keep working hard: Bobby Deol
  • Bobby Deol's latest film is Housefull 4
  • Bobby Deol says that he is in a 'happy zone' now
New Delhi:

He made a promising start with Barsaat in 1995, tasted success with films like Gupt: The Hidden Truth, Soldier, Ajnabee and also faced failure. Actor Bobby Deol, the blue-eyed boy of the Nineties Bollywood, says he really did not capitalise on his stardom. "I really didn't capitalise on my stardom, I guess everybody's destiny is written but it's never the end of the road if you keep working hard. You can always achieve a lot in life as an actor," Bobby told IANS.

The actor, who made a comeback on the big screen after four long years with Race 3 in 2018, is now looking forward to his "new innings." His latest film, Housefull 4, opened in the Diwali weekend. "I am looking forward to this new inning of mine, where I get the opportunity to play characters that are totally out of my comfort zone. I am really glad that I am in this happy zone right now," he said.

With a string of hits in the Nineties, Bobby was one among the top crop of actors. How does he look back at his journey? "It's been a great journey for me in the Nineties, and the 2000s. It feels good that I am still working and be able to be an actor who still gets interesting characters to play," said Bobby, who is all pumped up with the release of Housefull 4.

He added: "Yes, times change with every new generation. New things become more popular and there is a different lifestyle for every generation. Things have changed a lot but that's what life is all about."

Both Race 3 and Housefull 4 are multi-starrers. Did he ever fear of getting overshadowed?

"The question of being overshadowed is something I really don't look in to. All I can say is it was great to be a part of these franchises because a lot of people go to see these films, and millions of people will be there watching. I will get a chance to be seen by all of them. So, for me, who has just restarted his career, it is a great opportunity to get noticed by the young generation that has not really seen my work as much as the older generation has," he said.

It's been over a two-decade run for Bobby. The 50-year-old actor believes that age is not detrimental to an actor's career.

"Well, age is just a number and there are a lot of actors who have survived the delimitation of age. I think I am very blessed to have the energy and the focus right now in my life, to keep working as long as I can," he said.

What kind of work is he looking forward to? "I am looking forward to doing a lot of good characters because whenever I watch movies I have always enjoyed artistes who play great roles. Thus, I am looking forward to playing some interesting characters," he said.

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