This Article is From Dec 27, 2017

Bigg Boss 11, December 27: A Fight Between Gharwalon Ke Gharwale

Bigg Boss 11: Today's episode can't be missed

Bigg Boss 11, December 27: A Fight Between Gharwalon Ke Gharwale

Bigg Boss 11: Still from the show. (Image courtesy: Bigg Boss)


  • Vikas Gupta's mom will indulge in a fight with others
  • Akash Dadlani's mom will have an emotional breakdown
  • Hina Khan will make Luv Tyagi go ROFL
New Delhi: Bigg Boss' season 11 is indeed going through an emotional phase yet full of excitement with gharwalo ke gharwale in the padosi house. Bigg Boss will give another interesting task today for the housemates. At some intervals of time, each inmate of the house will have to completely ignore the person sitting in front of them. The gharwale will be allowed to irk the other contestant without touching him or destroying Bigg Boss' house property. The contestants will have to give in their best to provoke the other housemate and to get a reaction. "Sabhi gharwale Hina ko nazarandaaz karna shuru kare," will be Bigg Boss' first aadesh.

Hina will make funny faces or should we say bunny faces to make Luv Tyagi laugh while Priyank Sharma will offer some food to Akash Dadlani.

To see everyone in the house commenting about Akash, his mom will breakdown into tears and will also say: "Do not comment about my son." Bandgi Kalra, who's come in the padosi house to support Puneesh Sharma will indulge in a fight with Akash's mom.

Shilpa Shinde will try to irk Vikas Gupta by making him remember some funny moments from past while Puneesh will try some artificial hair on Priyank and Vikas. Vikas' mother will not agree with the other padosis and will say I am his mom, I will support him.

Today's episode can't be missed. Also, it's Bigg Boss host Salman Khan's birthday. We wish our favourite bhaijaan a very happy birthday.