30 Things You Didn't Know About Alia Bhatt, Revealed By Herself

Alia Bhatt, who recently turned 30, shared some fun facts about herself on social media

30 Things You Didn't Know About Alia Bhatt, Revealed By Herself

Alia Bhatt shared this happy picture. (courtesy: aliaabhatt

New Delhi:

Earlier this month, Alia Bhatt celebrated her 30th birthday. In response to the love and warmth she received on her milestone birthday from fans, the actress has shared a fun video on her YouTube channel, revealing some unknown aspects of her personality. The special post reveals 30 unknown facts about the actress and appears to be recorded over several days. It follows the Bollywood star while she is at work, getting makeup done, working out in the gym and even resting at home. The video begins with several childhood images of Alia Bhatt along with her parents Soni Razdan and Mahesh Bhatt. 

Here are the 30 facts shared by Alia Bhatt in the video, as listed by her: 

“1. I like being organised but I'm very messy.

 2. So, a big fact is after the shot gets over, I have a tendency to touch my nose. I don't know why.

3. So, I have this really weird pet peeve; it's not weird,  it's very personal to me, I do not like it when people (proceeds to tap herself continuously on her back).

4. I am terrible at shopping. I have no patience, especially for physical shopping. I am great with online shopping. But physically I will walk into a store and pick something up, I will walk a little bit more and I put it back in an hour. I just can't do it.

5. So, I have a tendency to ask a lot of strange questions to my sister and expect her to have all the answers and something that I've done for a very long time…I always ask her questions, like I feel she has all the answers in the world.

6. I can't wink.

7.  I'm a morning person.

8. When I'm upset or irritated or angry, I watch an episode of Friends and I'm fine.

9. I have an obsession with cleaning my ears.

10.  [I have an obsession with cleaning] my nails.

11.  [I have an obsession with cleaning] my feet.

12. I'm rarely in the moment. I'm always in my head.

13. So I have this very, very weird way of applying my lipstick. Most people put their lipstick to their mouth, I put my mouth to the lipstick [proceeds to demonstrate]. Then I rub it off.”

14. I have a thing for numbers and especially number six, nine, one and of course eight.

15. I think I'm very intuitive. 

16. I love the water [dunks her face in bowl of water].

17. If I had to eat only one thing, it would be poha and chaas.

18. I prefer watching an episode of a show over a movie after work.

19. Reading puts me to sleep.

20. Favourite snack - makhana.

21. My favourite exercise in the gym is pullover and I hate doing burpees.

22. Sometimes I can control my dream.

23. I eat my lipstick. 

24. I am scared of dark rooms.

25. I have a very strange phone face.

26. I am a very bad liar but a decent actor.

27. So, when I was younger I used to play this game called ‘actress actress' with my friend Bobby and she used to always make me the boy

28. As a kid, I was obsessed with mehendi – the smell of mehendi. But at my own wedding I got bored of putting on my mehendi but I managed to put it.

29. So it's really weird but I have this spot in the middle of my lower lip and it's actually a sun spot but I got it when I was at home during lockdown.

30. So I have this thing for journals and books and I like writing in them and I have this book called the memory book or my memory book which I started filling in the sixth grade when I was 12 years old. It was from the time I was 12 to maybe when I was 18 or 19. I stopped filling it after that but it's full of cards and letters and sketches and random drawings and memories. Very, very, very cringy but I still have that book.”

The video ends with Alia Bhatt cutting her 30th birthday cake with her team in her vanity van.

Sharing the video on YouTube, Alia wrote: “Hi guys! Welcome back to AliaBe. As I turned 30  this year, I thought of sharing 30 things that you all probably don't know about me. And if you know any one of these 30 things then you probably know me really well. I hope you guys like this video. Thank you for all the love and lots of love to you.”

Watch the video here:

Alia Bhatt celebrated her 30th birthday in London with her family. She even shared a bunch of images from the celebration. In the caption, she simply wrote, “Thirty.”

On the work front, Alia Bhatt will be seen next in Karan Johar's Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani with Ranveer Singh. She will also soon make her Hollywood debut with Heart of Stone, starring Gal Gadot.