Akshay Kumar: An Actor is a Star Because of Fans

Akshay Kumar: An Actor is a Star Because of Fans

Akshay is the star of films such as Singh Is Bliing and Airlift

Mumbai: Actor Akshay Kumar, who has over millions of well-wishers across India, credits his fans for making an actor a 'star.'

"What I have understood with these many years in the industry is that an actor is a star because of his (or her) fans and should do anything in power to entertain viewers," Akshay said in a statement.

He also revealed that when he joined the Hindi film fraternity, he 'didn't have much of a choice.'

"All I was ever really good at was stunts as I had to make my mark. That was what I focused on the most," he said.

The Khiladi actor added that he didn't take things for granted and had gone through highs and lows in his over a decade long movie career.

"There was a time when I delivered 14 flops in a row. I was down in the dumps, and suddenly the 15th film worked and then there were 16 films which were box office hits," said Akshay, star of films like like Singh Is Bliing and Welcome.

The actor said it felt 'great to know' the audience loved the movies he did and that he liked doing films which offered 'wholesome entertainment to the entire family'.

"There is lot of hard work put in by a lot of people to make the movie and bring it to audiences. I like doing film which offer wholesome entertainment to the entire family, and the Singh series is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, action and a lot of masti," Akshay said.

The Khiladi actor also revealed that he requested his co-star Lara Dutta Bhupathi to be a part of Singh Is Bliing, which will be aired on television on January 30.

"I love working with Lara. In fact I had requested her to do Singh Is Bliing which she obliged. And her performance is flawless in the movie as usual," he said.