This Article is From Feb 02, 2023

Aamir Ali On Those Shamita Shetty Dating Rumours: "Was Just Being A Friend"

Both Shamita Shetty and Aamir Ali have refuted dating reports

Aamir Ali On Those Shamita Shetty Dating Rumours: 'Was Just Being A Friend'

Aamir Ali in a still from the video. (courtesy: ali_aamir)

New Delhi:

Actors Aamir Ali and Shamita Shetty made headlines after they were clicked together a few days ago. Aamir Ali was seen escorting Shamita to her car and giving her a kiss on her cheek before she entered the vehicle. Soon enough, rumours of them dating began to do the rounds on social media. Shamita Shetty shared a statement clarifying that the two were just friends. Now, Aamir Ali has also tweeted a video refuting the rumours. In the video, Aamir says, “Hi, don't know what to say. My mom has always taught me to be a gentleman. If someone comes home, I generally drop them to the door, whoever that is. A friend of mine was there and I escorted her to her car. I was just being a friend but it became something else. We are single. I am single, she is single. We are very very close friends, That's about it.”

Aamir Ali also said: “I have heard that when a guest comes over to meet Shah Rukh Khan, he even escorts them to the door. That is fine, but when I did it… just saying.”

Shamita Shetty stressed in a series of tweets that she is happy and single. She wrote, “I'm baffled by society and its convenient prudish mindset all across. Why is every action and every person subjected to scrutiny or snap judgement with no reality check? There are possibilities beyond the narrow-minded assumptions of the netizens.”

In a second tweet, she added, “It's high time we open our minds to it! Single n happy...Let's focus on more important issues in this country.”


In the past, Shamita Shetty was in a romantic relationship with actor Raqesh Bapat. The pair met while participating in the Bigg Boss OTT show and began dating. However, in July last year, Shamita made a public announcement of their split. In her statement, she emphasised that despite the breakup, the music video they worked on together was a tribute to their fans who had shown them love and support.

Meanwhile, Aamir Ali has been previously married to actress Sanjeeda Sheikh. The couple split in  2021, months after welcoming their daughter via surrogacy.