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On World Mental Health Day 2022, Here's Experts' Take On Mental Health Of School Students

World Mental Health Day Quotes: A good mental health should be on first priority. Know what experts say about mental health importance, problems and solutions

On World Mental Health Day 2022, Here's Experts' Take On Mental Health Of School Students

World Mental Health Day will be observed on October 10

World Mental Health Day 2022: With the importance of mental health having come to popular realisation in recent times, and more so after two years of going through a pandemic, it is imperative for parents, teachers, and other stakeholders of childrens' lives to understand the nuances of nurturing the latter's mental health.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2022, Careers360 spoke to experts in the field of mental health for tips and suggestions as to how the mental health of children could be nurtured. Here are some insights.

Read on for quotes about mental health awareness, signs of mental health concerns in children, who is father of child psychology, how parents and teachers can help, world mental health day quotes, and more.

World Mental Health Day Quotes: Anju Soni, Principal, Shiv Nadar School Noida

Anju Soni spoke about the importance of talking about mental health but how in reality the theme still remains under-discussed. In her quote on World Mental Health Day, Soni remarked, “Both parents and children need to be in good physical and mental health. The two years of the pandemic have made it more obvious than ever how crucial mental health is. Children are the world's future, thus it's crucial that they have strong minds in order to cope with the dynamic environment we live in.”

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World Mental Health Day Quotes: Dr Deepak Gupta, Founder, CCAW

Dr Gupta, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, and Founder-Director, Centre for Child and Adolescent Well- Being, emphasised the importance of nurturing childrens' mental health, and the need to strike a balance between physical and mental health because poor mental health increases the risk for long lasting physical condition as well. His quote on World Mental Health Day focussed on how physical and mental health are intertwined. “We cannot have good mental health without good physical health, and vice versa. Mental health is crucial even for a one-year old child. Good mental health enables us to reach our fullest potential.”, said Dr Gupta.

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World Mental Health Day Quotes- Careful Timing

“Mental health problems, if not addressed at the right time, may manifest as mental disorders at a later point. Majority of mental illnesses begin before the age of 15.”, said Dr. Gupta in his World Mental Health Day quotes. Both parents and schools share responsibility for preserving children's mental health. Promoting children's mental health is crucial but, regrettably, our society continues to discount the possibility that children can experience mental health problems.

World Mental Health Day Quotes- Signs And Symptoms

Parents should feel alarmed if they notice a striking change in their child's behaviour, since it could be the first sign of deteriorating mental health. Smallest of changed like a toddler feeling grumpy or not wanting to meet their cousins, not going to bed alone, not going to school, should be noticed and the required help be sought. Violent behaviour, troubled sleep or frequent nightmares could be signs of anxiety in a young child. Mental health issues could affect children as young as four years.

In his Mental Health Day quotes, Dr. Gupta also threw light on signs of mental health concerns in adolescents. “Signs of mental health issues could include irritability, crankiness, feeling of being disliked by all, fear, and consistently negative thinking. Parents often mistake these signs for attention seeking, while in reality their child might be asking for their emotional support.” he said.

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World Mental Health Day Quotes: Jyoti Dev Rishi, School Counsellor

Jyoti Dev Rishi, School Counsellor, Bharti Vidya Bhawan School, New Delhi, articulated that it's often difficult to get parents to understand that their young children could also be going through stress or worry. “Good mental health helps children realise and work towards their potential. Furthermore, children who are in good mental health are better able to establish and maintain relationships with those around them.”

In her quote on World Mental Health Day, Rishi spoke of the role that educators have to play in creating awareness about mental health. “Seeing how there is still a lack of awareness among parents about the importance of emotional quotient in children, teachers must contribute to educating them about it,'' she said.

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World Mental Health Day Quotes: Nandini Raman, Counsellor

The concept of mental health is still undervalued, said Nandini Raman, mental health counsellor and popular columnist. The value of talking to children about mental health concerns should be understood. Children's self-esteem has deteriorated in the social media age, thus it's critical to address these problems. It's important to tailor discussions about puberty, acceptable behaviour, and other topics to the requirements of young children.

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World Mental Health Day Quotes: Role Of Parents

Jean Piaget, father of child psychology once remarked, “Children should be able to do their own experimenting and their own research. Teachers and parents, of course, can guide them by providing appropriate materials, but the essential thing is that in order for a child to understand something, he must construct it himself, he must re-invent it.” In her quotes about mental health awareness, Raman strongly emphasised on the role of parents in ensuring positive mental health.

“Parenting has collapsed if kids don't feel secure approaching their parents when they're in need. Parents should work to create a safety net for their kids and serve as their go-to resource for any issues. Parents must remember to respect their children's need for privacy. If parents feel that their children require mental health counselling, they shouldn't be hesitant to take them there. It is crucial to normalise these difficulties because most have roots in childhood, such as trauma and addiction. Parents who don't trust their children and live in fear of them are making blunders.” said Raman.

Everybody is affected by the presence of mental health issues in our daily lives, families, workplaces, and communities. We must take every precaution to make mental health for all a global priority. The main goals of World Mental Health Day are to organise support for mental health and increase mental health awareness.