CBSE Board Exams 2018: Preparation Tips For Class 10 Social Studies Paper

CBSE class 10 students will appear for Social Science paper on 22 March.

CBSE Board Exams 2018: Preparation Tips For Class 10 Social Studies Paper

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2018: Expert Tips For Social Studies Preparation

New Delhi:  CBSE class 10 students will appear for Social Science paper on 22 March. Class 10 students are bound to be more anxious as they face board exams for the first time. While students go through a series of tests and exams in their school which follow board exam pattern, it is still a big deal for them to appear for the exam on the D-day. One of the key ways to reduce anxiety is to prepare well in advance and not leave any topic for last minute revision. 

It is very important for students to take it in their stride and prepare thoroughly for the same as careful planning and hard work will go a long way in reducing anxiety and securing good marks.

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We talked to Mrs. Mukta Kohli, Faculty of Social Sciences, G.D. Goenka Public School, about her recommendations for board exam preparations and tips for students. Mrs Mukta Kohli is an experienced educator, who has taught Social Studies for 17 years and has guided students through the anxiety and pressure during board exams.

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Here are some preparation tips recommended by Mrs. Mukta Kohli:
  1. Plan  your preparation thoroughly and methodically before the exam. Plan subject wise e.g. start with History revision first as it is more lengthy and will take more time. Next ,you can plan to revise political science as you have to memorize most of the chapters. Geography requires more understanding than rote as it will increase your overall score. Even if you do not know the exact answer for a particular question in geography, general answers are always awarded marks especially in questions related to Water resources and Energy resources. Revise  Economics at the end, as it has least number of chapters. It will also increase your scores because of certain questions on topics which are repeated every year and also by attempting value based questions.
  2. Once you are done with all the subject, do a consolidated study and holistically analyze social science as a subject and make bullet point notes of all the important topics.
  3. Scan each and every page of your NCERT book. CBSE board strictly follows NCERT book and over the years every single question has been from NCERT book. Once you are thorough with this book, then only go through other Refreshers.
  4. Take some mock tests which are available online. Also solve CBSE, sample papers which are also available on the CBSE website.
  5. On the day of your exam, spend first 15 minutes analyzing the question paper and figuring out the answers.
  6. Attempt what you are thorough with, first. Do not take 1 Mark questions lightly as they can be tricky sometimes, but if you are thorough with your subject, 1 markers are most scoring.  
  7. Attempt 3 markers in points and always write one extra point if you have time. Always follow your point with at least one line explanation.
  8. Attempt 5 marks questions also in points. 5 points to be precise but do not forget to explain these points as they are long answer type questions. Substantiate your answers with diagrams in geography and flow charts in political science.
  9. For questions like Define or Differentiate, always substantiate your answer with suitable examples for the same.
  10. Map question in geography is a sure shot scorer and prepare some obvious questions thoroughly like  soils, airports, dams , and nuclear power plants. Mark them clearly using colored pencils. Do not use sketch pens please.
  11. Leave last 15 minutes duration of the exam for revision. Scan through both the question paper and the answer sheet for any un-attempted questions. Also check for improvements in any particular answer if any.
  12. Last but not the least, keep wits about yourself and maintain a calm composure while attempting your paper.
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