CBSE Board 2020: Exam Day Tips From Board's Secretary For Students

CBSE Board exam 2020 will begin tomorrow. More than 30 lakh students are expected to sit for the annual exams.

CBSE Board 2020: Exam Day Tips From Board's Secretary For Students

CBSE board exams 2020 will begin tomorrow for over 30 lakh students

New Delhi:

CBSE Board exams will start tomorrow. At this juncture no number of tips will be too much for students, however, in the avalanche of preparation tips the students stand the danger of forgetting some simple things for their exam day. The first day of the exam is always crucial for students to develop that confidence which they carry on for the rest of the exam days and one mistake or oversight can ruin it for students.

Here are some tips straight from the CBSE Secretary to make the process of exams easier for students.

1. Ensure the location of your exam centre ahead of your exam.

2. Reach your exam centre on or before 9.45 am on the days of exams and be seated in the examination hall on or before 10.00 AM. No student will be permitted after 10.00 AM.

3. Students appearing for the exam should go to their allocated exam centre in their school uniform and must carry their school id.

4. Students should carry their stationery in a transparent pouch.

5. Students should not carry cell phones, wallets, purses, chits or pieces of paper, old question papers, or anything that draws suspicion about the possibility of unfair means being adopted.

6. Read and follow the rules given on the admit card and abide by all the instructions given during the exam too.

7. Students should read the question papers carefully and follow instructions given on the Answer Book and fill in accurate and relevant details, wherever required.

8. Students should not believe any rumors and should also refrain from forwarding any rumor to other students. If they come across any malicious activity or rumors, they should bring it to the notice the parent(s)/guardian and CBSE.

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