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Board Exam 2019: 8 Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Stress Free During Exams

Board exam 2019: Important tips for parents to keep their child stress free during board exams.

Board Exam 2019: 8 Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Stress Free During Exams

Board Exam 2019: Tips for parents to keep children stress free during exam

Board Exam 2019:Board exams are a stressful time not just for students but for their parents and guardians also. Apart from helping with the revision process, parents are often at a loss on how to help their ward before the board exams specially when it comes to managing stress before the exams, parents are often clueless. It has been time and again proven that stress before and during exams affects a student's productivity and performance. So how can parents help their children in staying stress free during Board exams?

We spoke to Meenal Arora, Founding Director, Shemford Futuristic School about different ways in which parents can help students in managing stress. Here are some stress-beating tactics she stressed on:

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1. Try to Stay Calm

Avoid burdening your children with your stress. It's understandable that you're stressed, probably even more than your child. But when the exam date nears, it's time to not let your nerves bother your children. Your child is already dealing with his/her share of stress and can do without you adding to it.

2. Plan Ahead with your Child

Sit with your child and prepare a planner according to the exam schedule. Analyze the planner once a week to see if any changes are needed and if the timings need to be adjusted. Help your child divide the time between all the subjects he/she is preparing for and allot time according to her level of preparation required for a particular subject. If you feel she is weak in a certain subject, you should assign more time for it.

3. Keep Away from Digital Distractions

It's difficult to stay away from digital devices completely, but it's important to do so during exam time. Install parental controls on electronic devices so that you can ensure they keep away from distractions and focus on doing their best during exams.

4. Create a Suitable Study Environment

Provide your child with enough space to study. Make sure that the study area is properly ventilated and well-lit. Further, to increase your child's level of concentration, set up the learning space for your child which is free from all distractions and is equipped with the required school supplies, like pencils, erasers, rulers and books. Also, keep in mind that the height of the study table should be according to the height of your child and make sure that the chair is comfortable with a straight back.

5. Be a Support System

You don't need to put your life on hold for your child's exams. But make sure to be around, particularly during the important papers. Speak of only positive outcomes and stay aware of their needs and be available to address any concerns.

6. Make Sure they get Enough Sleep

A good night's sleep is very important. Check your child's timetable to ensure he/she has enough time for a well-earned sleep. This will calm nerves and keep him/her alert on the big day. A good sleep will increases memory and lowers the stress levels make sure that your child is getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

7. Feed them Nutritious Food

Whether it's the daily glass of milk or nutritious snacks, make sure your child isn't skipping meals and is eating on time. Nutrition plays an important role in keeping energy levels up. Low nutrition levels can cause sluggishness and reduced concentration. Also, make sure to avoid junk food as it can lead to sickness and lethargy.

8. Set Realistic Expectations

Know that your child has a limit and will only able to perform according to his/her ability. Accept limitations. Every child is different. You have to trust your child's abilities and set realistic expectations.

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