St Stephen's Molestation Case: Woman Sends Caution Note to Professor, Principal Thampu

St Stephen's Molestation Case: Woman Sends Caution Note to Professor, Principal Thampu
New Delhi: St Stephen's research scholar who was allegedly molested by a college professor today warned him and college principal Valson Thampu of legal action if they do not facilitate disbursal of her stipend, access to her compounds and computational data within seven days.

"I call upon both of you to jointly ensure within the next 7 days that my stipend calculated from the period of October 15, 2014 to June 30, 2015 at Rs 20,800 per month iS released to me along with Rs 1,21,420 as travel grant.

"...that my chemical compounds namely NY-6, 2NY-91, 2NY-92, 2NY-132 are returned to me in their proper form as synthesized by me and all the relevant computational data in respect of my compounds and my research are given back to me by the professor," she said in a caution note sent to both of them.

A copy of the same has been marked to the HRD ministry and University Grants Commission (UGC).

The girl had approached police last month, alleging that she was molested by Satish Kumar, an assistant professor in the college's Chemistry department under whom she was pursuing her research.

She had also accused college principal Valson Thampu of "shielding" the teacher when the matter was reported to him.

Following a meeting with the victim last week, HRD Minister Smriti Irani had directed the Delhi University to ensure that her stipend is released on time, she is granted unrestricted access to the laboratory and assigned a new supervisor.

The scholar had yesterday raised the same demands along with that of a female supervisor's appointment with Delhi University's Chemistry department.

While Reverend Thampu maintained that the "additional" demands raised by the victim cannot be met, the varsity has called them "highly unrealistic".

"Now that HRD Minister has intervened in this matter, both of you are now under an additional obligation to comply with the law...if the necessary actions are not taken by you, I shall be constrained to initiate appropriate legal action against both of you," the note said.

The woman has also raised objection to Reverend Thampu's recent posts on Facebook, saying, "I find it hard to believe when you have spared no opportunity to cast aspersions over my character and my motives, you have gone out of your way to protect a man who sexually harassed and assaulted me."

"Now from your Facebook protests, you seem to be egging the Head of the Department of Chemistry to create obstacles in my PhD Research. Haven't you and the professor done enough to ruin me and my research? You have spared no effort to tarnish my reputation and even get students to do your bidding and join you in your objective of my character assassination," she said.

In another letter sent to Gurmeet Singh, HOD, DU's Chemistry department, the woman has conveyed that she can work under the newly assigned supervisor if her demand of a female guide cannot be met.

"I would have preferred a female supervisor but if there is none available then I will work with the assigned one provided my interests are safeguarded and I am not required to conduct my research afresh and that I start where I left off," she said.

While Gurmeet Singh had yesterday claimed that it is not university's prerogative to convince her former supervisor to give a consent on her research done so far, saying DU has no administrative control over him, she maintained, "...I cannot be expected and it is unfair to expect that I start my PhD afresh for no fault of my own. It is university's responsibility to protect my interest."

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