This Article is From Dec 06, 2018

Delhi Class 7 Student Hangs Herself, Writes Teacher's Name On Palm

The suicide took place in Delhi's Inderpuri area and a note was written on the student's hand.

Delhi Class 7 Student Hangs Herself, Writes Teacher's Name On Palm

Class 7 student hanged herself at her home in West Delhi.

New Delhi:

A Class 7 student allegedly committed suicide in West Delhi on Saturday, when her mother was away at work. She had scribbled her teacher's name on her hands and a note that she did not want to go to school anymore.

"Lord Krishna, I am coming," said one message on her palm. In another, she wrote for her mother: "I love you".

A suicide note has also been found, the police said.

The 12 year-old girl was found hanging from the ceiling fan at her home.

"On her palms and hands she wrote that she did not want to go to school any more. She apologised to her mother and grandmother and said she was going to meet Lord Krishna," senior police officer Madhup Tiwari told news agency IANS.

The girl's mother, a lawyer, last saw her alive when she was leaving for the Tis Hazari Court. She said the girl had refused to go to school.

When she returned at 4 PM, she found her daughter's body.

"My daughter complained that the teacher scolded her every day. The same teacher rebuked and humiliated her on Friday for 10 minutes in the biology lab. She cried in the school bathroom after the episode," her mother told news agency IANS.

"She had been insisting that I change her school but I did not know how serious the situation was. I would never imagine she would commit suicide," the mother said, sobbing.

The school management said in a statement said it was fully cooperating with the police and was also carrying out an internal inquiry.

"As of now we are not at liberty to disclose any details which may jeopardise the police investigation of the case," the statement said.

The police are waiting for the girl's autopsy report and say they are speaking to her classmates.

(With inputs from ANI, IANS)