On Camera: Delhi Man Stabbed To Death As Bystanders Watch, 3 Arrested

Police said that the murder, which they were informed about at around 7.40 pm, was the result of an old rivalry between the two parties.

Investigation into the case is underway.

New Delhi:

A brutal murder was caught on camera on Saturday evening, where a man was mercilessly stabbed to death by a group of men in northeast Delhi's Sunder Nagri area.

Manish, the man murdered, was a resident of Sunder Nagri, as are the three main suspects - Aalam, Bilal, and Faizan - who have been arrested by the police.

A year ago, Manish's mobile phone was snatched, and he was attacked with a knife across his neck and stomach. Cops had arrested two accused -- Kasim and Mohsin -- and their family members were continuously pressurising Manish to withdraw the case. They allegedly even threatened his family. On September 28, Manish was set to appear in court, and family members of both the accused reached Manish's house and said they would kill him if he didn't withdraw the case.

Manish, however, gave his testimony in the court. Three days later, he was murdered outside his house.

Cops say those who threatened Manish's family at his house are also being identified, and will soon be arrested.

In the CCTV footage of the incident, a group of men is seen walking down a dimly lit lane. Manish walks into the frame from the opposite direction when he is suddenly grabbed by the collar by one of them and slapped.

Seconds later, all three men holding onto him begin stabbing Manish repeatedly.

Two men, sitting on a bike and a chair, observe the shocking murder unfold and do not intervene as the group mercilessly stabs Manish a few meters away.

Some men are also seen walking past the group, stopping briefly to observe the gruesome scene.

At one moment, the three men are seen walking away from Manish, still baring their knives, only for one of them to return after retrieving his cap. He stabs him several times again, and Manish can be seen trying to stop him as he helplessly lies on the ground.

A man eventually gets the group to move away from Manish, and they threateningly brandish their knives in Manish's direction before leaving. The group leaves the lane in a single file, unconfronted.

Manish was rushed to a hospital soon after, where he was declared "brought dead", police said. They added that legal action has been initiated, and further investigation is in progress.

Locals say that though a police outpost has been built in their area, but snatching and stabbing are common. Angry locals allege that illegal weapons are hidden in the nearby chicken market, and are used to carry out snatching, stabbing, and robbery in this area.