Kidnapped Delhi Boy Found After 9 Years. Photo Provided Clue, Says Father

Abducted boy was found after 9 years

New Delhi: A one-year-old boy was kidnapped from a hospital in north Delhi nine years ago when his mother had gone for a medical check-up. Police say the boy has now been found - after his photograph was recognised at a party. Two people have been arrested for the alleged kidnapping.

Father Afsar Khan, 46, who filed a second complaint with the police in May, said, "During a party in our neighborhood, a distant relative saw an old photograph of my son and said she had seen him in East Delhi." 

On August 22, the police traced the boy, Samir who is now 10 years old, in Jehangir Puri and arrested the couple he was living with.

"Initially the accused couple claimed the child was their own. After further interrogation they confessed that they had kidnapped him since they did not have any biological children," said Rishipal Singh, a senior officer of the local police.

Mother of the boy, Fareeda said in November 2007, he was abducted from a hospital bench where she had left him and gone to speak with the doctor. She was in the hospital for a routine medical check-up while she was pregnant with her second child.

"Another lady was playing with my boy while I was waiting. I presumed it was out of affection. When I came back from my check-up, both of them were missing."

Nargis and her husband Mohommad Samin have been arrested for wrongfully concealing and keeping an abducted person in confinement. The police are checking up if they have a role in other abductions.

The child's future will be decided by a court which is likely to order a DNA test for both sets of parents. 
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