This Article is From Nov 27, 2015

Just Why Is Everyone So Angry?

Why is everyone so angry?

How has rage and vitriol become so addictive? Like Angry Birds once upon a time and perhaps Minecraft now, we need our daily dose of rant. And if it's angry and full of abuse, even better.

But where is this anger coming from? Is it too much tolerance that's leading to explosions or is it simply about refusing to accept any other opinion? Disagreement nowadays is not just about debate; it is about hate and venom.

A minister who did not like what an actor said, calls him a "snake" and wants the police to investigate if he is anti-national.

Angry people troll on social media, an e-commerce company whose brand ambassador said something they did not agree with. They also encourage each other to boycott the shopping portal and a large number of people delete the company's app.

The company had nothing to with its brand ambassador's personal remarks, but in this new world of hatred, your mission, if you so choose, is to destroy without prejudice. Anything, everything is fair game. We will target you and by association anything we can get our hands on.

In the middle of one my rants - about studies, good manners etc. directed at my 11-year-old - my older one said, "Mom, don't you get tired of your voice? His statement, targeted at protecting his younger brother, stopped me in my tracks.

Really, when had I stopped listening? Crowded lives with shoulders hunched over cell phones and with texts and alphabets for company, had human voices really become alien?

It's so easy to just go on to that little device, never seeing, never really connecting but gathering these unseen millions to participate in your anger. After all, the sheer pleasure of seeing someone down is just so powerful.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes this connect on social media leads to extremely powerful and positive things, but increasingly, with people who simply can't take the abuse quitting these forums, it is more and more a battlefield where online lynching is the way to go.

Businesses may be ruined, people may be hurt, but how does it matter? The angry anonymous goes to bed satisfied.

Targeted for choosing Aamir Khan as its Brand Ambassador and after its app was downgraded, the e-comm company finally put out a statement. ''Snapdeal is neither connected nor plays a role in comments made by Aamir Khan in his personal capacity. Snapdeal is a proud Indian company built by passionate young Indians focused on building an inclusive digital India. Everyday we are positively impacting thousands of small businesses and millions of consumers in India. We will continue towards our mission of creating one million successful online entrepreneurs in India," it said.

A fine line - they did not dissociate from the star, but also made it very clear that on this issue, he is on his own. After all, they have their product to protect .

So is the way forward to be that for every statement remotely controversial, a disclaimer must be issued? After all, there will be so many people who shouldn't be attacked for what you said.

Or perhaps we need a new language. A friend of mine recently told me about how when she went to a restaurant that served beef, her husband said, "Don't say beef out aloud." He urged her to just point to the dish on the menu. There was much hushed tones and sign language.

So brush up on your dumb charades, people.

Or perhaps some deep breathing will help. Less reaction, more listening to ensure you did not miss a nuance or misunderstand the other person. A thought or two before what you type or say what will take a life of its own.

....after all aren't we all going through the same crap anyways.

Manika Raikwar Ahirwal is Managing Editor and Editor (Integration) with NDTV.

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