Video: Allahabad University Students Heckle Chief Proctor Over Fee Hike

In a viral video, Allahabad University Chief Proctor Dr Harsh Kumar can be seen being escorted by the guards as angry students try to stop him

Protesting Allahabad University students tried to stop Chief Proctor Dr Harsh Kumar


A group of students at University of Allahabad today heckled the Chief Proctor over non-inclusion of some students in a meeting to discuss recent fee hike at the university. Security guards came to the rescue of the official before the situation could get any worse.

In a viral video, Dr Harsh Kumar, the Chief Proctor, can be seen being escorted by security personnel, even as angry students try to stop him and shout slogans around him.

Students at the university have been protesting the latest hike in fees over the last few days. They complained that a 300 per cent fee hike had been implemented unethically by the university administration.

Following the protests, the university authorities had formed a high-level committee comprising teachers and district administrators to resolve the crisis. The university administration had also agreed to discuss the issue with the students, but only with those they considered as "legitimate".

According to reports, a meeting was scheduled to be held today in the North Hall of the Central university between the students and the university administration in order to draw up an agreement on behalf of the district administration.

However, a ruckus broke out over the non-inclusion of some students in the meeting. Following a commotion, the meeting was called off. Security guards then tried to restrain the students as they resorted to pushing and shoving.

Soon, some students stepped outside the hall and tried to stop the Chief Proctor who was on his way towards the main building. He was surrounded by a group of unruly students who shouted at him and heckled him.

The students were stopped by the guards as they tried to enter the main building and Dr Kumar was safely escorted inside.