This Article is From May 19, 2015

Young Agra Woman's Protest on Top of Mercedes Goes Viral

Sadhvi Pandey climbed on the car of a local politician after his security guard allegedly winked at her, and refused to climb down till she was handed an apology.

Agra: A young Agra resident, Sadhvi Pandey, is being praised for stopping a local politician's Mercedes after his guard allegedly winked at her, and then climbing atop the car and standing there till she was handed an apology and Rs 6,500 to pay for a mobile phone that she said was smashed by the leader's aides.

The politician, Abhinav Sharma, who has contested elections earlier on a Samajwadi Party ticket, alleges that Sadhvi yanked a party flag off the car and used it to break the windscreen of the Mercedes. "As soon as I tried to talk to her, she broke my chain. She climbed the bonnet and started damaging my car," said Mr Sharma, who was in the car at the time of Sunday's incident.  

In a video gone viral, Sadhvi, dressed in a pink salwar kameez, is seen standing on the car and shouting angrily. But the video which NDTV has does not show her smashing the windscreen.   

Mr Sharma claimed he has removed the guard against whom Sadhvi has complained, but said, "We respect women, but law shouldn't be taken in one's own hands."

"If lawmakers will indulge in these acts, what will the public do? We stopped the car to tell them of the gunner's action but instead of reprimanding him, they broke my sister's phone," Sadhvi said.

Sadhvi Pandey alleged that she was travelling on a scooter with her sister when the guard winked at her. Her sister tried to take a photograph, but other guards snatched the phone and broke it, she alleged.

That is when Sadhvi jumped on to the car and stood there for about half an hour in angry protest drawing a big crowd and stalling traffic.

The Samajwadi Party has said Abhinav Sharma is not a member.  "This is misuse of the party flag, The number plate also has the colors of the Samajwadi Party so it is the violation of vehicle use," said the party's spokesperson, Gaurav Bhatia.