Kamal Haasan says he'll delete objectionable words: Highlights

Kamal Haasan says he'll delete objectionable words: Highlights

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Chennai:  After addressing the media in an emotional press conference, actor Kamal Haasan has agreed to delete some scenes from his film. Here are the highlights:

  • My Muslim family has reached out to me to solve this problem.
  • I have said anything for my brothers.
  • They have given me a list of certain scenes and certain words from the hold quran which could be removed .
  • I have agreed to do that as this film is pro-Indian Muslims.
  • Now it is the duty of the govt to ensure that nothing happens to me, my film and my fans
  • Latest developments will be conveyed to court. You can also do the job for me.It is a different situation now.
Earlier, he had said...

  • I've pledged all my property for the film.
  • The story setting is in Afghanistan. I wonder how it is about Indian Muslims.
  • Police have sent away fans asking for court order copy.
  • I've lost my house because of the delay in its release.
  • I've been made an instrument along with Muslim friends.
  • I do not know who is playing the game.
  • One man's money, his film is not important in terms of a nation.
  • I wonder how one movie could knock this mighty nation's unity.
  • I need a secular place to settle. If there's no secular place in India, I would go overseas.
  • After this I will have to seek a secular state for me to stay in - from Kashmir to Kerala - excluding Tamil Nadu... I will look for a state to stay.
  • If I cannot find in India, I will hopefully find another secular country that will take me in.
  • MF Hussain had to do it,  Haasan will do it.
  • I think Tamil Nadu wants me out.
  • I only want to stay in a secular state. However, that does not mean I will not make Tamil films.
  • I am not angry with my people.
  • I have the protection - it is only the free will to speak that is being denied.
  • I want to be a secular man.
  • I am not blaming one religion.  I am fed up. I am just an artiste, I am godless.
  • My fans will keep peace, and that includes a lot of Muslims.
  • I had shown the movie to my Muslim brothers as they are my brothers.
  • For the sake of this film, I have hawked my house to a moneylender.
  • My talent would remain with me.
  • I have full confidence in judiciary.
  • I've zero tax arrears.
  • I don't disown Tamil Nadu.

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