Narendra Modi thanks Gujarat for hat-trick: Highlights of speech

Narendra Modi thanks Gujarat for hat-trick: Highlights of speech
Ahmedabad:  Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed supporters in Ahmedabad on Thursday evening and thanked the people of Gujarat for his thumping election victory.

Highlights from his speech:

  • I thank my Gujarati brethren.
  • These results prove that the people of this country can differentiate between good and bad.
  • And when they get an opportunity to decide, they rise to the occasion with an eye to the future.
  • BJP had a simple slogan - ek mat Gujarat. Political pundits could not understand what it meant, it wasn't spicy.
  • But people understood what we meant and they carried the 'lotus' and the slogan home.
  • Voters in Gujarat have risen above communal and caste considerations.
  • They make governments accountable by re-electing political parties. This futuristic thought can come only from a mature electorate - I congratulate the voters of Gujarat.
  • Political pundits can discuss Modi all they want, but today's hero is the six-crore strong electorate of Gujarat.
  • They used to say good economics doesn't make good politics - in Gujarat, people have shown that good economics and good governance can be shown; they support it.
  • People will forget about what happened, they will rise from everything if they see development.
  • It is the support of people which take me down the right path, make right decisions.
  • I have just one dream - My Gujarat!
  • They said govt employees are upset, but when postal ballots were counted, the numbers were astounding.
  • Main khel Dilli se jeetna chata tha, aaj who khel janata ne mujhe jita diya.
  • If I have faltered anywhere in all these years, I apologise.
  • For me the people are a form of god, and today I want something from you. You have given me power, now I seek your blessings.
  • This is not Narendra Modi's victory, this is the victory of six crore people of Gujarat.
  • This is a win for all those people across the country who want India to prosper.
  • Is chunaav mein ek taraf lakhon logon ka paseena hain aur doosri taraf paisa hain. Maine kaha tha paseena jeet jayega aur paise harega.
  • The party is like our mother, without the party we are nothing.
  • I do not want to criticise anyone, but I heard what pundits across India had to say on TV.
    They have not been able to digest this victory. I don't know what will happen to them tonight.
  • I ask you to pray for them so that they get a good night's sleep.
  • If you add up Congress's seats in Gujarat and Himachal, and it's still less than BJP's.
  • Even if we had 93 seats, a BJP government would have been formed. But political pundits wanted today to forget this simple arithmetic.
  • The people have given me their mandate. I need no certificate from anyone else.
  • With your permission, I will visit Delhi for a day on the December 27. (People chant PM, PM...) By serving Gujarat, I serve India.
  • Na mujhe rukna hai, na thakna hai, sirf aapke sapnon ko poora karna hain. 
  • Aaj aapne mujhe jeet liya hain, aane waale paanch saal mujhe aapko jeetna hai.

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