Stop, Thief! Office Sandwich Stealer Asks For Ransom in Hilarious Note Battle With Colleague

Stop, Thief! Office Sandwich Stealer Asks For Ransom in Hilarious Note Battle With Colleague

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If you are planning revenge on your co-worker from hell or your mean boss, don't try this (read till the end and you'll know why).
It all started when one colleague found his or her sandwiches (turkey and Swiss with mayo on rye) missing and wrote a desperate first note to the thief asking him to stop stealing. "This is ridiculous.. please take responsibility for your actions and stop stealing other people's property," it read. The victim of the sandwich theft apparently thought that after reading it the thief would ow up to his or her crime, but what happened instead is rather hysterically funny.
The unknown perpetrator wrote back demanding a ransom. Yup, that's right. And he did like a pro. "I have your precious sandwich, it's safe. For now. Put 10 dollars on the plate in the fridge or you'll never see it undigested again," the note read.


"Grow-up...this is unprofessional" wrote the victim and also threatened to contact the HR department if the sandwich wasn't returned. Yikes!
Despite that the thief turned a deaf ear. And just to make it hurt a little more, the thief attached a picture of the sandwich and said a piece of it would be eaten for every delayed hour. "We are professional, after all," said the thief.
If you thought mere gluttony was behind the theft, think again. Revenge isn't always a dish best served cold.

And finally, HR interfered.
The thief wasn't ready to give up, wanting to trade the sandwich for a pizza. Will HR bargain?
Hello! It's the HR department and let's not forget that their favourite word is... any guesses? This, of course
Oh, that's just cruel.
But crime really doesn't pay. The thief (identified as Francis) got his comeuppance in the end. He was nabbed, all hail technology


Story First Published: August 23, 2014 18:05 IST

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