Aligarh Muslim University withdraws salwaar-kameez-only dress code

Aligarh Muslim University withdraws salwaar-kameez-only dress code

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Aligarh:  The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) administration has withdrawn its order, issued earlier this week, that asked the students residing in one of its women's hostels to wear "proper and decent-looking dresses, i.e. salwar kameez with dupatta, both in or outside the hostel".

The order, signed by the Provost of Abdullah Hall for Girls, also asked the women to keep only one mobile phone and avoid eating out by making sure they enter the details of their movement in a register kept outside the hostels.

Any violation of the "norms" may invite disciplinary action, including a fine of Rs 500, the order said.

The notice was slammed by a section of the university teachers earlier today. Ayesha Munira told NDTV, "Girls are only allowed to go out on Sundays. There should be uniform rules for girls and boys. The apprehension within the AMU community that boys may be distracted if girls go out is reprehensible."

The women's college administration defended the diktat by suggesting the presence of male workers within the hostel premises. History professor Chandni Bi asked why shouldn't they be replaced with female workers. "A hostel is like home for girls. How will they feel homely there?" she asked.

In another controversial order issued in April this year, AMU's Vice-Chancellor Lt Gen (retd) Zameeruddin Shah had, in an open letter, instructed male students to wear sherwanis if they wanted to meet him.
Story First Published: July 27, 2013 09:58 IST

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