US President Donald Trump's Twitter Engagements Tumble

US President Donald Trump's Twitter Engagements Tumble

Donald Trump's engagement on Twitter declined after he assumed office as President (Reuters)

New York:

Ever since Donald Trump assumed office as the US President, there has been a significant decline in his number of tweets and other engagements on Twitter.

According to US-based digital metrics firm Huge that conducted a deep analysis of Mr Trump's tweets in commemoration of his 100 days in office, it was found that the US President has been tweeting less frequently of late.

The number of likes, responses and retweets has dropped by 66 per cent over the last three months,
Fortune reported on Sunday.

Mr Trump's "likes" now make up 64 per cent of engagements, down from 77 per cent three months ago while his total number of likes per tweet has fallen a whopping 72 per cent.

Mr Trump's tweets were categorised as "agitated, calm and prepared". The findings showed that 24 per cent of his tweets were "agitated" in April, down from 44 per cent in February.

"But that doesn't mean that Trump himself has calmed down all that much. After cross-indexing content to tweet time and location, it was found that most of the agitated tweets were posted on weekends and early mornings, while the calmer tweets were posted during the day on Monday through Friday," the findings noted.

What analysts deduce from the research is that there might be a "tug of war" between Mr Trump and staffers who try to moderate his communication strategy.

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