"Never About Money": Johnny Depp's Lawyer Says Actor Satisfied With "Total Win" In Defamation Case

Johnny Depp's lawyer dismisses the likelihood of Amber Heard ever overturning the decision.

'Never About Money': Johnny Depp's Lawyer Says Actor Satisfied With 'Total Win' In Defamation Case

Depp was "over the moon" when the verdict was read out in his favour. (File)

Actor Johnny Depp is satisfied with his "total win" in the defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, his attorney Ben Chew told Good Morning America

"We obviously can't disclose attorney-client communications, but as Mr Depp testified ... this was never about money for Mr Depp," Mr Chew said when asked about Ms Heard's fear of being left impoverished. 

"This was about restoring his reputation - and he's done that. It was a total win for Johnny," the star's attorney added. 

During the televised interview, Mr Chew also went on to say that the Pirates of the Caribbean star was "over the moon" when the verdict was read out in his favour. "Like the weight of the world had been taken off his shoulders," Mr Chew said, adding, "And I feel that finally, after six years, he's gotten his life back."

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As per New York Post, in a separate interview on the Today Show, Mr Chew also dismissed the likelihood of Ms Heard ever overturning the decision. He said that he is "very confident" that there are "no errors" that would justify any kind of successful appeal. 

Camille Vasquez, Mr Depp's fellow lawyer, also said that it was "disappointing" that Ms Heard's team called the victory a blow to the #MeToo and women's rights movement. She noted that the actress was brought down by them "using her words against her". As per the Post, Ms Vasquez said that every question that was asked during the trial was tied to something the Aquaman actress had previously said.

She added, "We encourage any victims to come forward. Domestic violence doesn't have a gender."

Earlier this month, a jury unanimously found "clear and convincing evidence" that Ms Heard defamed Mr Depp when she wrote an op-ed about being a victim of domestic violence for the Washington Post in 2018.  Mr Depp was awarded $15 million by a jury, which later capped at $10.35 million. Ms Heard, on the other hand, was awarded $2 million in damages in a counterclaim against her ex over defamatory comments made by his lawyer, who referred to her abuse claims as a "hoax".

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Following the verdict, Ms Heard's team had said that the Hollywood actress will appeal her case. When asked if Ms Heard would be able to pay the $10.35 million payout, her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said "absolutely not". The attorney added that the outcome is a major setback for victims of domestic violence. 

Ms Heard's team also lashed out at Mr Depp for taking to TikTok and crowing about the widespread support he has received.