"No Superpower Can Dictate Terms To India": Imran Khan's Top Quotes

Imran Khan complained that the Pakistan Supreme Court did not take the matter of the "threat letter" as seriously as it should have been taken.

You must protest this drama, Imran Khan urged the youth of the country

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed Pakistan late Friday evening, on the eve of a controversial no-confidence vote that looks certain to dismiss him. Raising the foreign hand charge again, Mr Khan said no superpower can dicate terms to India.

Here are the top quotes from his address to the nation:

  1. I am upset with the Supreme Court's decision. I was upset because when the Deputy Speaker conducted the probe, the Supreme Court should have investigated it.

  2. The youth of Pakistan is our future and if they see leaders selling their conscience, what precedent are we setting for them?

  3. There is horse trading. MLAs are being being sold off like sheep. The way MPs were sold and bought is something that's not seen in banana republics as well.

  4. Media also didn't have any shame. They are celebrating the government's fall.

  5. We got to know that US diplomats were meeting our people. Then we got to know about the entire plan.

  6. Want to tell the people to decide that what they want. Do we want to be slaves?

  7. Your country's sovereignty in your own hands. You need to protect it. If you don't take stand, whoever comes to power in future, will check if any superpower is angry.

  8. Indians are very self-respecting people. No superpower can dictate terms to India.

  9. We aren't use and throw like tissue paper.

  10. Step out, protest, save your azaadi. You must protest this drama. We did not make sacrifices that people can put in place an imported government here.