This Article is From Dec 06, 2010

Hi-tech Baby Jesus used to fight crime

New Jersey: The baby Jesus is no longer just the centerpiece of the Christmas Nativity at a New Jersey church. He's now being used to fight crime.

"We were concerned because of the thefts of baby Jesus' in the area, a number of churches have had vandalism done," said Alan Czyewski, St. Ambrose Church.

St. Ambrose Church is one of a growing number of churches in the country to participate in a "Jesus GPS" program.

"We put a lot of time and effort into this manger, and it would be a shame if someone were to destroy it."

A New York company called 'BrickHouse Security' is offering the program free to churches during the Christmas season.

"We had a church contact us and say they lost their Baby Jesus, it was stolen from them the year before, and the children were very upset when they showed up at Sunday school and lo and behold no Baby Jesus in the manger, so they called us up and wanted a GPS tracker," said Todd Morris, BrickHouse Security.

The GPS device goes inside the Baby Jesus. It's motion-activated, so if someone moves it, an alert is sent.

"We have GPS devices that are capable, through assisted GPS technology, of locating something inside of a safe, inside of an underground garage," he said.

A stolen Baby Jesus can be easily tracked as the GPS connects to an online map.  At St. Ambrose, they say 'word of mouth' about the GPS tracker has prevented anyone from stealing Jesus.

"Apparently word got around our Jesus is protected and no one even came close to the manger."

Nativity caretaker Alan Czyewski (suh-zesky) says Jesus approves of being implanted with a GPS device.

"I think Jesus had a sense of humor. And I think if he was technically up to date he would be very happy having a GPS module on himself and as a matter of fact it would be easier for his disciples to follow him.," he added.

The Baby Jesus GPS program is now being used in over 60 churches in 25 states.