This Article is From Aug 15, 2014

PM Modi's Independence Day Speech: Who Said What

PM Modi's Independence Day Speech: Who Said What
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first Independence Day speech, in which he touched upon a range of issues including rape, India's potential as a manufacturing hub, the lack of toilets and the unpunctuality of most government officials -- received generally positive reviews from most people.
  • Applaud the PM's decision to deliver an extempore speech. The smaller issues PM touched on in his speech had an impact.
    LK Advani, senior BJP leader
  • PM's words inclusive, harmonious, carrying all together, non-vendetta.
    Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Congress leader
  • Farewell to central planning. Command economy RIP.
    Swapan Dasgupta, political commentator
  • PM's speech won many hearts. He is a different PM, he does things differently. He spoke from his heart. PM spoke in Nepal, he spoke in Kargil. People will hear more from the PM.
    Prakash Javadekar, Information and Broadcasting Minister
  • It is a very good day for BJP workers . A BJP worker has hoisted the flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort and addressed the nation. Atalji did this earlier, now Narendraji has. But there is difference between Atalji's & Modi's Independence Day speeches. Today, the PM heads a BJP-led government with a big majority...that's a very big difference.
    Amit Shah, BJP President
  • He spoke differently. He gave us both vision and action. Earlier he spoke as someone who was campaigning. Now a PM who has observed certain things is speaking.
    Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce and Industry Minister
  • It was a zero-effect speech from the PM, there was nothing new in it. He is still in campaign mode.
    Shakeel Ahmed, Congress leader
  • Given that it was the first address of the new Prime Minister, one would have expected a certain vision to be articulated by him on the trajectory of the next five years. But it is unfortunate that the PM got bogged down in pedestrian issues without being able to rise to the occasion.
    Manish Tewari, Congress spokesperson
  • What a relief to have a PM who understands that today's speeches have to essentially be conversations & not formal & stodgy elocution.
    Anand Mahindra, Industrialist